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50 Years in Continuous Pastoral Ministry Honorees

2020 Honorees

 50 Year Pastor form (Coming Soon)

Your submission must be postmarked no later than August 9, 2020.

Any submission received after the deadline will be awarded during the 2021 Annual Session.

~ 2016 Honorees ~

Reverend Lexcie E. Aiken, GA
Reverend Bertrand Maurice Bailey, Sr., OK
Reverend Lennon Brown, TX
Reverend France A. Davis, UT
Reverend Merrell Davis, GA
Reverend J. B. Ficklin, Jr., CA
Reverend William H. Granger, AL
Reverend W. L. Hightower, MS
Reverend Willie C. Jones, CO

Reverend Raymond L. Lassiter, Jr., VA
Reverend George C. McCutchen, Sr., OK
Reverend R. C. Mullins, AL
Reverend Clarence P. Noble, AL
Reverend Leon Owens, AL
Reverend Robert W. Perry, CT
Reverend John R. Peterson, OH
Reverend Harold H. Rapp, Sr., LA
Reverend C. W. Ray, MS

Reverend John E. Roberts, OH
Reverend Leon F. Ross, AL
Reverend J. A. Sills, MS
Reverend Perry Simmons, Jr., NJ
Reverend Clayton E. Taylor, Sr., GA
Reverend Ronald Eugene Terry, Sr., GA
Reverend Frank D. Tucker, MD
Reverend Curtis Walker, MS
Reverend Charlie Wright, Jr., GA

Download the 2017 Nomination Form

Deadline for Submissions: August 7, 2017

2015 Honorees

The following pastors were honored for 50 years or more of service as a pastor at the 135th Annual Session meeting in Memphis, TN on September 10, 2015 during the President’s Hour:

Reverend James A. Boyd, MS
Reverend Harold J. Butler, MO
Reverend Griffin Davis, Sr., FL
Reverend William E. Daye, NC
Reverend Reginald M. Green, DC
Reverend Nathaniel Irvin, Sr., SC
Reverend Gillette O. James, CA
Reverend Samuel LittleJohn, TX
Reverend Levi Lockamy, NJ
Reverend William B. Moore, PA
Reverend Andrew M. Mosley, Jr., VA

Reverend Tony James Murphy, WV
Reverend Ernie L. Murray, Sr., FL
Reverend W. L. Muse, AL
Reverend W. L. Newton, Sr., MS
Reverend Clinton D. Patterson, AL
Reverend Noily Paul, Jr., LA
Reverend Samuel Adam Phillips, Sr., MS
Reverend Leo Pinkard, Sr., OH
Reverend William Revely, MI
Reverend Joseph Williams, AL

2014 Honorees

The following pastors were honored for 50 years or more of continuous service as a pastor at the Annual Session meeting in New Orleans, LA on September 4, 2014 during the President’s Hour:

Reverend C. L. Bachus
Reverend James Donald Ballard
Reverend Rufus Bonds
Reverend Pheneus Bush
Reverend Clyde W. Fielder
Reverend Joe B. Fleming
Reverend Haymond Fortenberry

Reverend J. D. Haston
Reverend James Jennings, Sr.
Reverend Hezikiah B. Johnson, Jr.
Reverend Alfred Jones, Jr.
Reverend W. B. Mucker, Sr.
Reverend Ulysess Parks

Reverend Sammie Rash
Reverend Frederick D. Reese
Reverend Walter Vasser
Reverend William C. Webb
Reverend C. R. Williams
Reverend Johnny B. Woodhouse

2013 Honorees

The following pastors were honored for 50 years or more of service as a pastor at the Annual Session meeting in Charlotte, NC on September 5, 2013 during the President’s Hour:

Reverend Lonnie L. Brown, Sr.
Reverend Matthew Southall Brown, Sr.
Reverend E. B. Burroughs
Reverend Bennie Houston Byrd
Reverend Earnest L. Cain
Reverend Albert F. Campbell
Reverend James L. Cherry, Sr.
Reverend Willie S. Chambers
Reverend Robert W. Dixon, Sr.
Reverend Pequer English
Reverend Ernest M. Gordon
Reverend Leo H. Graham
Reverend J. S. Hopkins
Reverend Willie Martin Jackson
Reverend John Edward Jennings
Reverend W. B. Lewis
Reverend Victor Lee Medearis

Reverend Norman Eugene Owens, Sr.
Reverend William Perry, Jr.
Reverend Albert Ponder
Reverend S. P. Powell
Reverend William Kenneth Raynor
Reverend John A. Reed, Jr.
Reverend Donnie Sims
Reverend Marshell Stenson
Reverend O. C. Stiggers
Reverend Valmon D. Stotts
Reverend W. L. Strange, Sr.
Reverend Solomon Tarver
Reverend Malcolm L. Taylor
Reverend Elmore E. Warren, Jr.
Reverend David E. Williams, Sr.
Reverend Donnie Williams

2012 Honorees

The following pastors were honored for 50 years or more of service as a pastor at the Annual Session meeting in Atlanta, Georgia on September 6, 2012 during the President’s Hour:

Reverend B. T. Bishop
Reverend Robert E. Campbell
Reverend Coleman Crawford, Jr.
Reverend Lacey K. Curry
Reverend Nelson Davis
Reverend Solomon Eaddy, Sr.
Reverend Richard Gammage
Reverend John H. Gilmore
Reverend Melvin B. Girton, Sr.

Reverend J. D. Henderson
Reverend Willis A. Johnson
Reverend Jefferson D. McGowens
Reverend Clyde Christian McLaughlin
Reverend B. T. Moore, Sr.
Reverend Alvin C. Settles, Jr.
Reverend Arthur D. Sims, Sr.
Reverend Roosevelt V. Walker
Reverend Carl L. Washington, Sr.

2011 Honorees

Rev. Robert Louis Baynham
Rev. Nathaniel Bonds
Rev. Frederick L. Bowers, III
Rev. Harrison Fields
Rev. James L. Henderson, Jr.
Rev. John O. Malone
Rev. Dr. Charles R. Mosley, Sr.
Rev. Dr. Frederick D. Reese
Rev. L. V. Richardson
Rev. John Arthur Severson
Rev. Dr. Claude E. Shelby, Sr.
Rev. B. L. Upshaw, Sr.
Rev. Webster Curtis West

2010 Honorees

Rev. James A. Brooks
Rev. Dr. Serenus T. Churn, Sr.
Rev. Dr. Raymond Cochran, Sr.
Rev. Dr. John W. Davis, Sr.
Rev. Dr. Jacob H. Hayes, Jr.
Rev. Dr. Levi Jones
Rev. Oscar Jordan
Rev. Morris W. Lee
Rev. Mance Mapp, Sr.
Rev. Dave Mays
Rev. Raymond Mays, Sr.
Rev. Dr. Timothy Preston Mitchell
Rev. Perry Lewis Montgomery
Rev. Collins Pettaway, Sr.
Rev. Elbert Stevens
Rev. Dr. W. L. Templeton
Rev. Dr. Willie O. Wells
Rev. Dr. J. Van Alfred Winsett

2009 Honorees

Rev. Dr. Robert C. Beatty
Rev. Dr. Harry Blake
Rev. Dr. Henry Bolden
Rev. Dr. Coleman Briggs
Rev. Dr. Alpheus L. Bright
Rev. Dr. Henry Brown
Rev. Dr. Howard Allen Chubbs
Rev. Dr. W. L. Cook
Rev. Dr. C. C. Craig
Rev. Dr. C. L.  Daniel
Rev. Dr. Robert W. Dixon Sr.
Rev. Dr. L. D. Ducksworth
Rev. Dr. James W. Ealey
Rev. Dr. Jesse Earls
Rev. Dr. Clyde W. Fielder
Rev. Dr. J. H. Flakes Jr.
Rev. Dr. William C. Fuller
Rev. Dr. Thomas Earl Gilmore Sr.
Rev. Dr. E. D.  Glover
Rev. Dr. Paul Grider
Rev. Dr. C. A.  Lett
Rev. Dr. Willie L. Lewis
Rev. Dr. C. S.  Pope
Rev. Dr. Thomas E. Reeves
Rev. Dr. Willie J. Reid
Rev. Dr. Harvey L.  Riley
Rev. Dr. Curlee Rumph
Rev. Dr. Edward Small
Rev. Dr. Charles T. Smith
Rev. Dr. Bunnard Steverson
Rev. Dr. Sampson  Townsend, Sr.
Rev. Dr. Charles  Whitlock
Rev. Dr. Willie S. Wilburn
Rev. Dr. W. G. Williams
Rev. Dr. A. Wilson Wood