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YYA Home & Foreign Mission Southeast Region Young Peoples Department



Matthew Hamilton, Director          Linda Scott Farinas, Asst. Director


The National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc Youth & Young Adult Auxiliary: Encompass Home Mission provides direction for the energy of individuals and churches desiring to be of service. Through planning, training, and practicing, disaster response teams can be positioned to provide the leadership and expertise required for an efficient response.


Our mission is to provide service in recovery services and building homes. Our ministries include, but are not limited to flood recovery, chainsaw recovery, and fire recovery and providing communications, power generation, water purification services and more.


2022 Projects List

  • 3 Community Service Projects during the 2022 National Baptist Congress
  • 3 State Cluster Projects Summer 2022
  • Launch 2022 Fall Training Calendar for Disaster Relief

2023 Project List

  • 2023 Training Calendar for Disaster Relief
  • Recruit service project in Western Region


“Young Hands and Young Hearts Across the Sea”

Sister Deborah Johnson and Sister Theresa Byrd – Co Chairpersons

The Foreign Mission arm of the Youth and Young Adult Auxiliary is committed to following the Great Commission given to us by our Lord and Savior in Matthew 28:16-20.  We are developing mission-minded youth and young adults to work for and in the foreign mission field with commitment, enthusiasm, and zeal. Therefore, we are partnering with the National Baptist Foreign Mission Board to send a small contingency of 16-year-old youth along with young adult chaperons (25-35-year-old) to Grenada in July 2023.  The youth and young adults not traveling to Grenade will support by facilitating fundraising events and developing kits and projects to send to Grenada in advance of the trip.    While there, the group will be empowered to assist with the evangelistic outreach to bring other youth and young adults to Christ.  Participants will assist with minor repairs within the mission station. Much prayer and fundraising efforts are required to successfully execute our President’s vision for this ministry.  For additional information and to learn more about the YYA Foreign Mission ministry contact your National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. YYA Area Director.