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CJC Liberation Ministry Liberation Ministry of the Criminal Justice Commission (Galations 5:1)

National Vice Commissioners

Arthur & Virginia Robinson
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The purpose of the Liberation Ministry of the National Baptist Criminal Justice Commission is to focus improving the life of persons liberated from jail or prison through Christian associations and biblical teaching.


The Mission of the Liberation Ministry is to provide an environment that will cause persons recently liberated to successfully transition to life outside of jail and prison and transform their lifestyle and behavior to function successfully in a Christian community.


The following elements are important components to the successful re-entry of a person back into society after a jail or prison term.

  1. There must be a place for them to live and begin their transition; includes family, friends, and halfway house.
  2. A strong family support system is very beneficial to facilitating transition and an aid to transformation to societal norms.
  3. It is beneficial for successful re-entry of a person into society to connect with a local church, attend worship regularly, mid week service and get involved in some ministry.
  4. To begin transformation of their life a person must not associate with persons who are old friends with bad habits that may slow or stop the transformation.
  5. A person recently released from jail or prison must begin form a lifestyle that avoids the use of foul language and being respectful to others.


  1. Begin work to obtain a GED, an Associate degree, or attend a technical school.
  2. Enroll in classes that may provide skills in computer programming or operation, bookkeeping or other business skills, or some of the trades, such as carpentry, masonry and other crafts.


  1. With some assistance, each person must seek employment with the last company they were employed if a position is available.
  2. Explore job opportunities – Writing an effective resume, develop interviewing techniques, networking and social media.
  3. Seek employment from Career Centers, DVA Job Centers, and State Employment Agency, and second chance programs.


Additional Rules for Success

  1. As part of the transformation, wear a collared shirt with closed in shoes and solid colors.
  2. For successful job hunting and joining the community, avoid loud colors, busy patterns, baling and trendy styles. This means neat haircut or neatly press hair, and for men trimmed mustache and beard.
  3. The recently liberated person must wear apparel that does not include jeans, denim, leggings, sweatshirts, tennis shoes, shorts, flip flops for any type of job search encounter.