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From the Desk of Dr. Elliott Cuff

​The 115th Congress of Christian Education Theme:
“Glorifying God through our Commitment to Christ-Centered Evangelism”

Scriptures: Matthew 9:35; John 14:6; Acts 14:21 and Romans 1:16


A Message from the President of Congress of Christian Education

Dear National Baptist Family and Friends:

This is my personal invitation to you join me and thousands of other National Baptists and Christians from across this nation, Monday, June 22 through Friday, June 26, in Kansas City, Missouri, for the 115th annual session of the National Baptist Congress of Christian Education. The week promises to be one of the greatest weeks in Christian education learning, growth, and nurture that has ever been provided. Additionally, each attendee, regardless of age, will be greatly blessed to take part in some of the most inspiring, Spirit-filled, and edifying worship experiences that will be undergirded by great preaching, unforgettable music, and creative presentations of the Gospel message of Jesus Christ in both drama and arts.

State Conventions, district associations, and churches are encouraged to invite their respective members to bring along with them every member of their families since there will be plenty of opportunities for families and individuals to grow together through experiences in and out of the classrooms. The local host committee in Kansas City will have an array of recreational, entertainment, and cultural activities for delegates to explore and enjoy during the week. Additionally, Kansas City is known to have some of the nation’s greatest resuraunts to include world famous barbeque dining. You and members of your church will not want to miss what promises to be a well-rounded five days of Christian focused fellowship and relaxation.

But the most important reason for the Congress of Christian education to be in Kansas City in June is to strengthen the purpose of Christian education in the local church. Our aim is to help pastors and churches through the introduction of the best methods and practices of Christian education utilizing the Sunday School, small groups, and other innovative ways to grow Christian faith and discipleship. Some of the best teachers of the Bible will be in our classrooms. Some of the most committed directors, workers, and instructors in the kingdom will be available to answer your questions and to share with you their stories of trial, test, and success. There will be an opportunity to learn how to improve the evangelism, mission work, and ministry life of the local church. Also, a series of special topics and seminars from such practical things as the believer’s daily walk to such seasonal things as how to respond to local disasters will be offered. You really do not want to miss this experience. We will be there each day “glorifying God through our commitment to Christ-centered evangelism!”

Again, as our national president, Dr. Jerry Young is oft to say, “We are envisioning the future exceptionally!”   Please join us this June in Kansas City, and be sure to invite and bring a friend and a neighbor with you.


Dr. Elliott Cuff





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Bringing Christian disciples to the point of preparation to become committed to strong, faithful Christian service is both the mysterious workings and callings of the Holy Spirit who uses the intentional and obedient actions of the Church through Christian education and should be understood as a sacred trust given to the Church by God through Jesus Christ.  As National Baptists we commit ourselves to comprehensively equip our churches in providing the necessary Biblical and spiritual resources that will thoroughly equip disciples for effective ministry.