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The mission of the Music and Worship Arts Auxiliary is to foster, through the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc., a biblically based and doctrinally sound worship paradigm that encourages, empowers, and employs the comprehensive, sacred artistic expressions within the body of Christ with excellence, inspiring the continuous praise and pleasure which God desires and deserves. As an Auxiliary, we will:


EDUCATE church leaders (i.e., Pastors, Ministers of Music [worship], staff, etc.) in the area of worship arts.


EXPOSE church leaders to different forms of worship expressions.



EQUIP church leaders by providing the necessary worship resources to meet the specific needs of the ministry.


EMPOWER church leaders by granting people the opportunity to employ new artistic expressions of worship in this Auxiliary/Convention.


EVANGELIZE in the sense that persons who have gone through the above process will become advocates for a comprehensive, sacred, artistic, musicexpression.