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Faith Based Initiative

Dr. Alvin Love, National Chair

As Chair of the Faith Based Initiatives of the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc., it is my vision to provide resources to the denomination which will build capacity for ministry.

We will seek, through the National Faith Based Initiatives, to add value to NBCUSA church membership, by building a vehicle which will support the local Church, Association and State Convention in accomplishing its ministries, by providing grant opportunities for financial support, as well as, training opportunities for its member, thus building both capacity sustainability.

Our goal is to advance best practices of ministry and community engagement to the local church, district association and state conventions.

The National Faith Based Initiatives department will seek to engage each State Convention, District Association and Church in enhancing its organizational structure, community outreach and ministry objectives in a way which will improve the eventual outcomes of their individual work.


Faith Based_Executive Summary 2020