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CJC General Secretary Ministry General Secretary Ministry - Criminal Justice Commission (2 Corinthians 8:1)

National Vice Commissioners

Robert & Margaret Pope
(901) 751-2642 or (901) 651-2488
Email: [email protected]



The purpose of the General Secretary Ministry is to provide support services for the National Baptist Criminal Justice Commission. The support

Services include but are limited to providing the logistics and administrative tasks and activities needed to ensure successful operation of meetings and events that support the National Baptist Criminal Justice Commission.


The General Secretary Ministry will use resources and tools to consistently establish an operational and administrative environment. This environment will produce the expected goals and objectives that will cause the Commission to move forward in an exceptional manner.


The General Secretary Ministry mission is to provide services that include to aid in the strategic, tactical and logistics planning for meetings, workshops, and sessions. Additionally, this ministry develops budgets and performs financial management, and document development and management. Interacts with the National Convention’s General Secretary’s staff, the finance team and other administrative functions of the National Baptist Convention USA, Inc. Ensures that the National Baptist Criminal Justice Commission function in accordance with the operating standards, procedures and processes of the Convention, with all Federal, State and local laws and regulations and with the Holy Scriptures.


The General Secretary Ministry will provide leadership in the performance of logistics and administrative tasks and activities in accordance with the principles taught in the scriptures.  These tasks and activities must be performed with consistency and integrity.

  1. Document Management – Develop meeting minutes and other records associated with the National Baptist Criminal Justice Commission. Maintain the documentation, such as booklets, brochures and other materials.
  2. Budget Development – Work with the Commissioners and the Convention’s finance staff to develop the Commissions budget and financial management processes. Establish and maintain an accounting system, process and procedures that complies with the Convention’s requirements and Commission’s needs.
  3. Plan and Facilitate Meetings – At the National Commissioner’s request schedule, plan and facilitate in person and teleconference meetings with National Vice and Regional Commissioners and others.
  4. Interact with the National Staff – Interface and interact with the National Convention General Secretary Staff to aid in the planning of national meetings and other events related to the Convention and the Commission.
  5. Establish a Communication System – As the National Baptist Criminal Justice Commission expands throughout the Convention and this country, develop a communication system that includes a web site, texting and teleconferences that supports Regional Commissioners and supporters will provide information and directives.
  6. Standard Operating Procedures – Develop and maintain a set of Standard Operating Policies and Procedures for the National Baptist Criminal Justice Commission.