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CJC Education Ministry Education Ministry of the Criminal Justice Commission (Ephesians 4:22-24)

National Vice Commissioners

Ernest & Joice Tinsley
(480) 200-7434 Office
Email: [email protected]


The purpose of the Education Ministry of the National Baptist Criminal Justice Commission is to prevent individuals from becoming entangled in the criminal justice system.


The Mission of the Education Ministry is to use scripture and other educational tools to equip individuals with the knowledge necessary to make good choices in their everyday lives, especially when faced with potentially life-altering decisions.


1. To harness the collective power of the National Baptist Convention, USA Inc. to address the issues that are causing so many members of our community to become involved with the criminal justice system.

2. To prepare materials and presentations that will provide education and instruction in the following areas:

  • Becoming a Biblical Man
  • Becoming a Biblical Woman
  • Keys to Developing a Christian/Biblical Home
  • Preventive Parenting
  • Employment Readiness Training

3. To inspire the leaders of the parent body and all auxiliaries to prioritize the preventative education offered by the Education Commission.

4. To train Regional and State Commissioners in presenting the materials developed by the Education Commission.

Education Ministry Programs

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