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The National Baptist Convention Housing Commission (NBCHC) is a sub organization of the National Baptist Convention USA, Inc. (NBC), having been organized in 1984 by Dr. Charles Noble (Newark, OH) under the authorization of Dr. T.J. Jemison, then president of the National Baptist Convention.

Since its inception with the mission to develop affordable housing for low and moderate income persons, particularly for senior citizens and the disabled, the achievements have been notable.

The progress of the Housing Commission in the last 19 years includes: 30 housing sites in 27 cities and 15 states totaling 1036 units representing over $150,000,000.00 in funding.

The Neighborhood Network Program established by the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Office in 1996, is being successfully operated at several NBCHC property sites.

In this new millennium, the Housing Commission Ministry is committed to providing safe, comfortable and affordable housing that will allow men and women to live with dignity and pride in a place they can proudly call home.

Contact Us

Dr. Willie Gable, Chairman
N. B. C. Housing & Economic Development
1214 So. Robertson St.
New Orleans, LA 70113
Phone: (504) 524-5471
Email: [email protected]

Board of Directors

Dr. Willie Gable, Chairman
New Orleans, LA

Dr. Charles W. Noble, Sr., Chairman Emeritus
Newark, OH

Dr. James D. Peters, Jr., First Vice President
Denver, CO

Dr. Johnny Hatney, Director, Housing Development
Augusta, GA

Keith B. Corbett
Durham, NC

Dr. Carl P. Small
Elyria, OH

Dr. Raymond Bowman
Nashville, TN

Dr. R. B. Holmes
Tallahassee, FL

Clifford Turner
Louisville, KY

Dr. Michael A. Noble
Newark, OH

Raymond Ware
Chattanooga, TN

Clifton Rogers and Associates
15525 South Park Avenue
Suite 101
South Holland, IL  60473
(708) 331-2488
Contact: Cliff Rogers

Taliafaro, Inc.
One Vantage Way,
Suite C-250
Nashville, TN 37228
(615) 259-4332
Contact: Dr. Annie Carter