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The Mission

The Mission is the Official Quarterly Study Guide of the Woman’s Auxiliary to the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. Dr. Karen Hayes-Harris is the Editor.

The Mission Study Guide is $ 2.50 per copy plus shipping. It is printed quarterly (4 copies per year) and can be ordered by requesting a quarterly or yearly subscription.

Mission Quarterly Order Price List

Mission Yearly Order Price List

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The National Baptist Woman

The National Baptist Woman allows us to share with sisters across the country special events and memorable occasions.

Special announcements and news are also reported in this masterpiece. There are three (3) editions released yearly, The Winter Edition, The Spring/ Summer Edition and The Convention Edition.

Share the news and special events of your Church, District Association and State Convention. To submit articles and pictures, please follow the schedule below:

  • Winter Edition: submit by November 10th
  • Spring/ Summer Edition: submit by April 10th
  • Convention Edition: submit by July 10th

The National Baptist Woman is $ 5.00 per issue (printed three times a year in January, June and September). A yearly subscription can be obtained for $15.00 per year.

Send Articles and Information for Publication to:

Paulette Henderson, Editor
The National Baptist Woman
Email: [email protected]


Send Orders for ALL Publications to:

Office of The Woman’s Auxiliary
National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.
5555 Conner Avenue | Suite 2079
Detroit, Michigan 48213

Please make Checks and Money Orders payable to:
Woman’s Auxiliary, NBC, USA, Inc.