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Organizational Structure

The President of a local movement has the major responsibility of guiding and promoting a well balance program of worship, study, entertainment and workable church and community projects. He must work closely with the pastor. He should be active in local, district, state and national lay work. He should establish goals and objectives both spiritual and numerical for the group. He presides over all regular meetings as well as the Executive Committee meetings.

Membership Vice-President:
The Membership Vice-President is responsible for gaining the membership of un-enlisted laymen for service to the church through the movement. He should maintain an awareness of new men who join the church to see that they are invited early to become members of the movement. It is also his responsibility to inspire the members of the movement to be consistent and punctual in their attendance at meetings. He should provide the leadership for instituting membership drives and other motivating techniques for inspiring men to become a part of the movement.

Program Vice-President:
The Program Vice-President is responsible for providing the local movement with interesting and viable programs that meet the needs of its State, District and community. He should be aware of church and community needs and National Convention goals and objectives. He must assist the leadership in planning and implementing programs to meet the needs that have been established. He must be aware of the financial needs of the local movement and plan activities to raise funds.

Social Vice-President:
The Social Vice-President is responsible for planning all social activities and presides in absence of Program Vice-President. He must be sensitive to the various age groups, the married and unmarried laymen and provide innovative Christian fellowship activities of interest to all.

These two offices may be combined in one person, although it is preferable to have one person for each job. The Secretary is responsible for preparing and replying to correspondence and keeping the minutes of the local movement and Executive committee. The Treasurer maintains records of all receipts and expenditures as well as all disbursements and reports all money to the church.