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Congress Online Classes June 19 - 23, 2023

Virtual Division (Online Only)

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Online Classes Course Number Course Name
PHASE I 1004 Effective Bible Reading
1072 Introduction to the New Testament
6021 Spiritual Formation
PHASE II 1075 The Synoptic Gospels
2007 Christian Stewardship
4012 Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
7024 Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts
PHASE III 1079 The Gospel of John
1089 Survey of Romans
7005 Christian Evangelism
7010 Introduction to Discipleship
PHASE IV 1112 Survey of Revelation
8035 The African American Church and Social Justice
8066 Christianity and Contemporary Issues
9024 The Computer in the Life of the Church
PASTORS AND MINISTERS 9935 Church Leadership in the Post-Covid Era
9924 Effective Community Organizing-Grant Writing
SPECIAL PROJECTS SP-1 Re-learning and Re-leaning on the Bible in Today’s
  SP-2 Doing Hybrid Church: Why Streaming Alone is Not Enough
  SP-3 Bible Study Methods for Teachers
  SP-4 Pivoting Your Preaching Post- Pandemic
  SP-5 Using Technology to Sustain sand Maintain Effective
  SP-6 Prison Ministry
  SP-7 This Is Us: Engaging a Younger Generation
  SP-8 Teaching for Application and Transformation
  SP-9 Principles of Teaching: Teaching for IMPACT to Change Lives
  SP-10 How to be a New Testament Deacon
  SP-11 How to Start a Biblical Counseling Ministry in Your Church
  SP-12 High Touch : Maximizing your use of the Digital Platform to Touch and Change Lives