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The Mission The Mission is the Official Quarterly Study Guide of the Woman’s Auxiliary to the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. Dr. Karen Hayes-Harris is the Editor. The Mission Study Guide is $ 2.50 per copy plus shipping. It is printed quarterly (4 copies per year) and can be ordered by requesting a quarterly or yearly

Organizational Structure

PRESIDENT Shall preside over all meetings and is the leader in establishing goals, objectives and general directions for the Ushers and Nurses Auxiliary. She will be responsible for communicating with the President of the Convention and Board of Directors, Ex-official of all boards, commissioners, and committees. Shall appoint all departments, board and committees.   VICE


“We’ve Come This Far By Faith” Fifty-nine transformative years of delight and discovery! It is rewarding and refreshing to know the labor of ushers, past and present, who persevered and prospered on our behalf. Mrs. Minnie E. Anderson (1943-1975) organized the National Baptist Convention Ushers Auxiliary in 1943. The ushers had no place to hold

Mission & Objectives

PURPOSE STATEMENT: To unite, develop educate and strengthen skills of those that have accepted the challenge of a person-to-person ministry within the church.  Full focus on the four pillars of church: Doctrine, Evangelism, Stewardship and Fellowship as a major part of ministry’s purpose. The Ushers and Nurses is comprised of Christian men and women who


Finance and Budget Ministry The Finance & Budget Ministry is under the leadership of the Vice President At-Large. The Finance Committee and the Treasurer receives, give receipt and accounts for all monies received on behalf of the Movement and deposit such funds in the approved designated bank. The Finance Committee disburses monies under the direction


1923 The National Baptist Laymen’s Movement of the National Baptist Convention U.S.A., Inc. was organized at the Forty-third Session of the National Baptist Convention in Los Angeles, California, in 1923. The new President of the Convention, Dr. L.K. Williams presided. The Movement came into existence under the leadership of Deacon John L. Webb, a Christian

Calendar of Events

Visit the Laymen Website for the latest information about Laymen events: National Baptist Laymen’s Movement NATIONAL LAYMEN CALENDAR OF EVENTS 2020   2020 January 13-16, 2020                                 NATIONAL BAPTIST CONVENTION – MID-WINTER BOARD (Arlington, TX) February & March                                    Open April 10-12 2020                                      WALTER CADE, JR. WESTERN-FARWEST WORKSHOP (TBD) April 24-26, 2020                                    WALTER CADE, JR. WESTERN-MIDWEST WORKSHOP (Denver, CO)

Contact Us

Reverend William Wyne, President Email: Chauncy L. Jordan, Sr., General Secretary Phone:  601-667-9209 Email: PLEASE NOTE: the Leadership Directory is in the process of being updated.  You can download the most recent version by clicking:


Moderator’s Regional Work: Purpose and Structure Purpose The purpose of our Regional work is to provide a regional entity through which the moderators of the various district associations can collectively participate and promote the objectives of the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. In addition, this group shall help facilitate, correlate, and disseminate to the various associations within