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President Young Visits Meridian

Meridian, Miss. Eight months ago the National Baptist Convention selected Pastor Jerry Young to be its new leader. Dr. Young has been the pastor of New Hope Baptist Church in Jackson for 35 years. He says he’s grateful for his new title….

“Perhaps the greatest challenge really is to get everybody, pretty much on the same page, a sense of unity in terms of trying to move forward with the vision, that becomes critical,” said Dr. Young.

One way to bring unity with the church is by holding conventions which Dr. Young says that NBC conventions do well, but with the advent of technology to be always available is a new obstacle.

“Conventions literally they meet three times a year, what we have to do is we have to have a kind of twenty-four seven approach now in the twenty-first century, now we need to make sure that there is a sustained ministry,” explained Dr. Young… Read more