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President Jerry Young’s 2015 Annual Session Address

At the 135th Annual Session in Memphis, TN, Dr. Jerry Young’s focused his Presidential Address on transitioning to the Denominational Model, Evangelism, and Comprehensive Christian Education

“I have come to this moment with an acute sense of the times in which we live.  I come to this moment with a tremendous sense of the challenges that we face as a church in this secular, humanized culture.  I come here with an acute sense of the challenges the church has because, in the words of John Stott (1), “The world is challenging the church…

“We live in a difficult time in the history of our country where the church is challenged…I feel an obligation to see if I can, in the next few moments, try to unpack this vision that God placed in my bosom. I feel some kind of obligation to say to you that I did not dream up this idea of transforming us from just a convention model to becoming a denomination with a witness here in American and in the world abroad…Read more