Voting Rights Resources for Faith Communities

May 1, 2014

Friends - what an amazing call on voting rights tonight!

For those who made the call -- and for those who didn't -- we joined Barbara Arnwine, Dr. Barbara Williams Skinner, Dr. Carroll Baltimore, Dr. Julius Scruggs, Bishop Vashti McKenzie, Dr. Freddy Haynes, Dr. W. Franklyn Richardson, Dr. Otis Moss, Jr., Bishop Donald Hilliard, and many others friends to discuss critical changes in the right to vote and launch the brand-new Voting Rights Toolkit for Faith Communities.

Please download, use, and share this Voting Rights Toolkit. You can find it at the Lawyers' Committee Website here. In the toolkit, you'll find 5 Key Ways you can get involved in the fight for voting rights.

As President Obama said, the right to vote is threatened unlike any time in recent memory, after recent Supreme Court decisions and harmful voting changes in states around the country. We need you in this fight.

Read the toolkit. Get involved. Contact the Lawyers' Committee with questions. And let's be sure to protect the right to vote.

Every blessing,

Joshua and Michelle DuBois

Voting Rights Toolkit - Table of Contents

  • Letter from the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law President and Executive Director Barbara R. Arnwine
  • Letter from National Faith Leaders
  • Listening to the Giants: Congressman John Lewis on Why This Toolkit Matters
  • FAQs about Voting Rights
  • Sample Voting Rights Flyer
  • Sample Agenda for a Voting Rights Awareness Event 
  • Voting Rights Meeting Sign-up Sheet
  • Social Media Toolkit 
  • The American Voting Experience: Report and Recommendations of the Presidential Commission on Election Administration 
  • Lawyers’ Committee Report to Presidential Commission on Election Administration 
  • Fact Sheet: The National Voter Registration Act of 1993
  • Fact Sheet: The Help America Vote Act of 2002
  • Fact Sheet: Voting Rights Amendment Act of 2014
  • Voting Rights Advocacy Organizations 
  • Voter Restriction Tactics Today
  • Get Involved: 5 Key Ways You Can Protect Voting Rights
  • Resources
  • Important Contact Information