People Seeking Pastor Opportunities*

Welcome to the ministry and employment opportunities pages of the website.   People who are seeking pastor positions may publish their resume/letter of interest on this page. The people represented on these pages have paid a fee for publication.  The Convention is pleased to publish these personal ads to assist our members in bringing together the right people for the right opportunities.   Resumes/letters of interest will be available for 12 months from the initial publication date unless otherwise requested.  

Special note to job seekers:  This is a public website.  Be very careful about the personal information you include in the documents you send to us for publication. 


People Seeking Pastor Opportunities

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uploaded: Aug 15, 2016

​Johnson, Desmond A. - Seeking Pastorate


To obtain a position as a Senior Pastor to tell everyone the wonderful news of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, and  to encourage the world to believe in him as our Lord and Savior.  Also to teach every soul entrusted to me by our Lord Jesus Christ sound doctrine of the Lord. To equip people with the knowledge and understanding of the sacrifice of the Lord to spread to others while securing sanctification of people in the church, the community and world.  
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uploaded: Jun 18, 2016

​Cunningham, Sharon D. - Seeking Pastorate

Rev. Sharon D. Cunningham is motivated to do what God has called her to do. She has the passion to teach and preach the word of God, to aid those in need, and understand the importance of making disciples of men. 
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uploaded: Apr 27, 2016

Johnson, Joseph - Seeking Pastorate


Looking to serve a tremendous congregation as the Pastor who is willing to serve after Gods own heart. 
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uploaded: Nov 9, 2015

Jackson, Dr. Craig R. - Seeking Pastorate


To utilize my ministry gifts and experiences as a Senior Pastor in continuing the work of the church.
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uploaded: Oct 8, 2015

Butler, Daniel E. - Seeking Pastorate

To partner with a congregation that will assist in fulfilling my divine calling to lead, preach, teach, and counsel believers while utilizing assigned resources and authorized personnel to unite the unchurched with the church.

​*Important Disclaimer:

The National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. publishes resumes and open ministry and employment opportunities as a service to its members and other constituents who are seeking ministry opportunities/employment or individuals to fill open positions.  The Convention does not pre-qualify potential employers or individuals seeking positions, nor can it attest to the accuracy of the information presented.  It is the sole responsibility of the potential employer or candidate to verify the information presented.  The National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. reserves the right to refuse publication of any ministry opportunity or resume/letter of interest at its sole discretion.