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GECAM Sermon Writing Service & Zazzle Jazzy Ties


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Rogers Organ for Sale
Model # 950B


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GECAM Sermon Writing Service & Zazzle Jazzy Ties

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GECAM Sermon Writing Service

Rev. Dr. George L. Booker, Retired Army Chaplain
Email: revbooker6@gmail
Cell: 404 998-9915
Sermon Titles Examples
  • I Don't Wanna Go to Hell
  • This is My Beloved Son
  • We are Blessed
4 Dynamic African American sermons for working Pastors $100.00 dollars

Zazzle Jazzy Ties 


Rodgers Organ for Sale: Starting Bid $10,500.00

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Model # 950B | Serial # ZN60555 | Manufactured:  2000 | Condition:  Excellent | Location:  Ann Arbor, MI
3-manual, classic black finish with transposer/tuner. Well-disposed with couplers, 2 MIDI couplers each division. Complete with 8-channel external audio system: 2 sub-woofer cabinets, 3-pairs matched speakers, Rodgers S-800 amplifier. Purchased new.
Comes with a PR-300S MIDI sequencer (floppy drive) mounted externally. Everything plays and functions beautifully with fast, responsive touch in the manuals and pedals. Sound is clean and powerful. No distortion or signal hum.
Organ can be available for pick up within 10 days of purchase. Local Pick Up preferred. However, shipping can be arranged at buyers’ expense. Estimated shipping cost $600-800 (not included in auction/list price). Starting bid $10,500.
Contact Administrative Offices at Second Baptist Church of Ann Arbor at (734) 663-9369.


Health Ministry in a Box

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When you accepted your call to ministry did you anticipate spending this much time caring for your members? You may have the desire to address the problems, but the staff and/or resources may not be there to begin a health ministry...Well, there is a solution...

When Your Loved One Dies by Samuel W. Hale, Jr.

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 "It just happened so suddenly!"
 "I never thought she would die so young."
 "But, he just went to the Doctor's last week..."
 "Who's going to take care of the Children."
 "But she said she was going to give Me that set of China!"
 "Will? What Will?"
 "Junior, when are You going to finish paying for Your Part of the Funeral Expenses?"
“When Your Loved One Dies”, the Surviving Spouse and Family Members are faced with some startling discoveries which, if not dealt with properly,  can cause some frightening and frustrating moments long before, and after, the Final Farewells to their Loved One shall have been expressed.
“When Your Loved One Dies” offers some Practical and Important Information and Suggestions to Bereaving Family Members who have the Challenging Responsibilities of making the Funeral Arrangements for a Loved One; of Settling that Loved Ones' Affairs; and also of assisting other Family Members as they confront and adjust to their Loved Ones' Death.
“When Your Loved One Dies” also provides information to help You gather Information on Yourself and other Family Members to help make Planning for Your Funeral less cumbersome and problematic.   

This Guide Will Help You With 

  • Dealing With The Place of Death
  • Informing Family Members
  • Contacting a Funeral Home
  • Understanding the Pastor's Role
  • Gathering Information
  • Preparing for the Funeral
  • Taking Care of Business
  • Facing the Future
  • Putting Your Own Affairs In Order
  • Keeping Your Will Updated
  • Strengthening Your Spiritual Affairs
  • “My Prayer”
  • Other Scriptures For These Moments
  • The Biblical View of Death
  • God's Assurance for Your Strength
  • Obituary Format
  • Personal Information Inventory
  • Family Seating Order
  • Funeral Procession Order
  • Funeral Home Service Charges
  • Funeral Planning Check List
  • Suggested Orders of Service


About the Author

A Graduate of  the American Baptist College in Nashville, TN and the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY.
Pastor of the Zion Missionary Baptist Church, Springfield, Illinois.
He has more than fifty years of Ministerial Experience, which includes Pastoring, Teaching, Missions, Religious Journalism, and Church Ministry Development.  He has served with the NBC Home Mission Board for over forty years, and for over twenty years he served as Director of the Contemporary Ministries Workshop of the National Baptist Congress, NBC, USA, Inc.
He has also served in various Mission and Christian Education capacities during his more than four decades of Christian Ministry...Read More:  Download the Brochure

Talk Fusion Connect

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Attention Home-Based Business Owners!

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My Role as a Deaconess by Dr. Joseph R. Rogers, Sr.

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For more information nd to place an order, contact Dr. Joseph Rogers at J. R. Rogers, Sr. Ministries, Inc.
By E-mail:
By Phone:   (919) 208-0200

Straight Talk for Crooked Church - Pastor Rahsaan "Biscuit" Armand

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This workshop is a series of 2-3 day Bible-based lectures designed to help PASTORS who are T-I-R-E-D of "crooked" Church, and:
-- Truly trying to implement a God-given vision for the church they pastor
-- Irritated with Church "poliTRICKS", constitutions & bylaws that hold them HOSTAGE
-- Ready to be FREED from the chains of bureaucracy & SMALL-MINDED "Church Folk"
-- Eager to see their church move from a mere organization to being a strong organism
-- Desiring to have more sheep than goats in their congregations & more lambs than wolves

This lecture series is designed to help MEMBERS of churches who are F-E-D U-P with "crooked" Church, and:
-- Frustrated with their Christian colleagues who "participate" in church, but do not pull their weight
-- Excited to be a member of a Body of Christ that is "living, moving and (having) its being"
-- Down in the dumps about a downward spiral your church has taken in the past 5-10 years
-- Upset with the pastor and other church leadership and don't know if you can trust them
-- Proud to be a member of your church, but embarrassed by some of its carnal ways

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