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"Talk Fusion Connect"                        "My Role as a Deaconess"


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Talk Fusion Connect

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Attention Home-Based Business Owners!

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My Role as a Deaconess by Dr. Joseph R. Rogers, Sr.

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Straight Talk for Crooked Church - Pastor Rahsaan "Biscuit" Armand

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This workshop is a series of 2-3 day Bible-based lectures designed to help PASTORS who are T-I-R-E-D of "crooked" Church, and:
-- Truly trying to implement a God-given vision for the church they pastor
-- Irritated with Church "poliTRICKS", constitutions & bylaws that hold them HOSTAGE
-- Ready to be FREED from the chains of bureaucracy & SMALL-MINDED "Church Folk"
-- Eager to see their church move from a mere organization to being a strong organism
-- Desiring to have more sheep than goats in their congregations & more lambs than wolves

This lecture series is designed to help MEMBERS of churches who are F-E-D U-P with "crooked" Church, and:
-- Frustrated with their Christian colleagues who "participate" in church, but do not pull their weight
-- Excited to be a member of a Body of Christ that is "living, moving and (having) its being"
-- Down in the dumps about a downward spiral your church has taken in the past 5-10 years
-- Upset with the pastor and other church leadership and don't know if you can trust them
-- Proud to be a member of your church, but embarrassed by some of its carnal ways

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