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TKK Publishers Announces...The Easy Way to Plan a Church Conference



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The Easy Way to Plan a Church Conference - Marie Huggins McCurley

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Harris Enterprises -

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Goodbooklets are a collections of good, mini Christian e-booklets.  They are designed to point the reader to the one and only true book of books, the holy bible.  This collection covers a variety of exciting and sometime controversial topics.  Such topics are:  Marriage & Divorce, The Bible and Slavery, Speaking in Tongues, Homosexuality, Interracial Relationships, End Time prophecy and more. Whether you're a pastor, deacon, choir director or just a student of the scriptures, the good booklets e-booklets series is written entirely with YOU in mind.  You see, we believe what the bible actually says, not what some presume it teaches. These are powerful learning tools and written with care for easy understanding and enjoyment. Get your good booklets collection today---after all, it's your time to be blessed.

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Big Kids Doing Big Things

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Big Kids Doing Big Things is a monthly electronic newsletter aimed at inspiring the young people of your church to great accomplishments by introducing them to stellar adult role models from such companies as FedEx, Google, Facebook and others. 

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GECAM Sermon Writing Service & Zazzle Jazzy Ties

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GECAM Sermon Writing Service

Rev. Dr. George L. Booker, Retired Army Chaplain
Email: revbooker6@gmail
Cell: 404 998-9915
Sermon Titles Examples
  • I Don't Wanna Go to Hell
  • This is My Beloved Son
  • We are Blessed
4 Dynamic African American sermons for working Pastors $100.00 dollars

Zazzle Jazzy Ties