Dream Makers Scholarship Fund

What if students from our churches were able to secure four-year college scholarships and funding for missions work abroad?  What if the funding for education and missions work was paid for by our churches through spending they are already doing for office supplies and photocopying services that they already consume?

It's not a dream...    



Announcing a New Partnership with Office Depot!

~Four-Year College Scholarships and Youth Missions Programs
~Discounted Office Supplies, Equipment and Photocopying



What It's All About

Office Depot, Inc. and The National Baptist Convention have partnered to provide exclusive savings on all of your business needs. In exchange for your patronage, Office Depot will return a percentage of the aggregate amount spent with them to underwrite the National Baptist Congress Dream Makers College Scholarships Fund.

How to Apply

This program was just launched in June 2013 and we are at the beginning stages of funding the scholarships, so application information is not yet available.  Please join the program and encourage others to do so as well so that we can begin offering scholarships in the near future.  Check back on this page periodically for updates.

More Information

For more information on this website, click:  Office Depot Dream Makers Scholarship

Contact Information

Ms. Lisa Cook
Email: lcook1015@gmail.com
Phone:  312-505-5441