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(Note:  many directories are not available as leadership teams are transitioning) 

Administrative Offices of the NBC, USA, Inc. - (coming soon!)
Directory of the offices that support the NBC, USA, Inc. Auxiliaries and Departments:  President's Office; Finance Office; Media Relations; Conventions, Meetings & Planning; Concessions & Exhibits; and TOPIC - Technology & Website Ministry.
Board of Directors and Convention Leadership (this directory will be updated pending new appointments)
Directory of Board Members, Special Appointments, Staff and the Leaders of Auxiliaries, Commissions, Ministries and Non-Governmental Organizations (SSPB, FMB, ABC)
Region VPs and Board Members at Large - (this directory will be updated pending new appointments)
Directory of Regional Vice Presidents and Board Members at Large by Region
Congress of Christian Education Leadership - February 2015
Directory of the Congress of Christian Education.

Evangelism Board Directory -  August 2013
Directory of the Evangelism Board

Faith Based Development Initiative  (coming soon!)
Directory for the Faith-based Development Initiative

Foreign Mission Board - February 2015
Directory of the Foreign Mission Board

Home Mission Board Leadership- February 2015
Directory of the Home Mission Board 

Housing Commission - August 2013
Contact information and roster of the Board of Directors

Laymen's Directory - February 2015
Directory of the Laymen

Moderators Leadership - (coming soon!)
Directory of Moderators Officers and Leaders

Prison Ministry & Criminal Justice Commission Commissioners (coming soon!)
Directory of PMCJC Commissioners

Ushers and Nurses Officers Roster - August 2012
Roster of Ushers and Nurses Officers

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