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Contemporary Perspectives is a resource that presents perspectives on current events and issues of importance to the constituency of the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. and responds to questions posed by website visitors.

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What books have influenced your ministry the most? Tell us.

Christianity Today's Seminary Grad School website recently posted an article, 16 Books That Are Changing Ministry.  [].  The …Read More

The Ferguson Fuss, Fatigue and Failure: Faith’s Response

By Rev. Charles E. Mock August 19, 2014   The unofficial consensus of Ferguson, Missouri citizens is the protest and violence will continue until Police Officer Darren Wilson, the 6 year veteran of the …Read More

Policy Statement and Guidelines to Chaplains Regarding Same-Gender Couples

SAME SEX MARRIAGE AND RELATED ACTIVITIES   January 27, 2014   From: The Office of the Ecclesiastical Endorser, National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.   Subject: Policy Statement and Guidelines …Read More

Financing our Faith-Centered Missions

The Home Mission Board continues to be thankful for our dedicated contributors. Through your contributions we are making a small difference in the lives we touch. Jesus stated that even a cup of cold water to those thirsty, is …Read More

Odyssey Networks Celebrates the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Faith Activism and Martin Luther King's Legacy How would Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. view today's faith activists? Professor Obery Hendricks, Professor Josef Sorett and Rabbi Steve Gutow say that …Read More

Demonizing Adam or Mobilizing for Action?

They call it the Black Swan Theory. According to Wikipedia “Black swan events were introduced by Nassim Nicholas Taleb in his 2004 book Fooled by Randomness, which concerned financial …Read More

The 2012 Election is Over, but the Fight Goes On!

The 2012 Election is Over, but the Fight Goes On! By Charles Mock After a long grueling struggle for the right to vote without egregious barriers, advocates of true democracy have won! Our fight was against goliath money …Read More

The Fiscal Cliff: The Other Storm

As of November 7, 2012, there are hundreds of thousands of people still without power in certain parts of New Jersey and New York thanks to what meteorologists have called the perfect storm. There is another perfect storm …Read More