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Hymn Lining: A Disappearing African American Tradition

This African American History Month, meet Troy Demps, 86, who is trying to preserve the haunting art of "hymn-lining". A celebrated tradition that dates back to slavery, hymn lining incorporates African tonal languages and rhythmic and percussive hand clapping and stomping.

Odyssey Networks:  Rev. James Forbes Jr.: Why Black History Month

Black History Month is celebrated in the United States all throughout February. When there has been a time in a country's life when "difference" suggested "deficiency," says the Rev. Dr. James Forbes Jr., history "cries out for an opportunity" to celebrate the richness of the formerly closed-off culture. Dr. Forbes is president and founder of the Healing of the Nations Foundation and senior minister emeritus of The Riverside Church in New York City.

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LIFE and Civil Rights: Anatomy of a Protest, Virginia, 1960

...Here, as Black History Month kicks off, presents a gallery of photos — many of which never ran in LIFE magazine — from a series of protests and sit-ins in Petersburg, Virgina, in May 1960, and from a broader-themed planning conference sponsored by Martin Luther King Jr. and the Southern Christian leadership Council at Atlanta University earlier that month. The pictures, by LIFE’s Howard Sochurek — a Princeton grad, Neiman Fellow at Harvard and WWII Army vet — capture one small but significant exemplar of the sit-in phenomenon, as well as some of the unusual training methods that potential sitters-in endured before taking to the streets and to the seats...  Read more

Aetna Foundation 2013 African American History Calendar

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