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The 2015 Congress Book

Revised 5/12/2015
This book is a description of the various departments, classes, courses of study and certification programs offered by the Congress of Christian Education.

Congress Registration Information

Note:  All events except the the Opening Musical and Banquets are included with your registration fee.  The Opening Musical,  President's Education and Faculty Banquet tickets are purchased separately.  Review the Congress Coursebook for more specific information about departments, course offerings, certifications and protocol.


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About the Congress . . .

The National Baptist Congress of Christian Education Annual Session is the education arm of the NBC, USA, Inc., and
is responsible for teaching and training classes covering every aspect of Christian Education. The training session
consists of both inspiration and instruction.

World renowned, distinguished preachers lend their voices to the Christian discourse, setting a standard for others to
follow. Gifted instructors share Biblical truths, creative ideas and practical solutions to students attending classes. The
Congress equips Christian education leaders with the necessary information and teaching techniques to fulfill their
respective roles in their local ministries with excellence.