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Envisioning the Future Exceptionally as WE Grow Disciples for Christ is just around the corner with the 111th Annual Session of the National Baptist Congress of Christian Education!

Online registration is a great way to register quickly and to have the best chance of getting into the classes you want along with the added convenience of using a credit card with secure online transaction processing!

Message from Dr. James H. Cokley, President
National Baptist Congress of Christian Education

Welcome to Online Registration as we prepare for Tampa in June!  This year we have a new system of registration that allows and requires you to register ahead of time for all of your classes and responsibilities.  No longer do you have to register once you get to the Congress and/or the class or special event for which you want to be a part.  For example, if you are entering the Pastor’s and Minister’s Division, Laymen, Youth or Children’s Rally, you get to register and pay ALL your fees upfront to ensure that you get in your class or event.
As you register, please take your time and complete all steps to ensure a smooth process.  Once you register, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to your group registration. This link will allow you to make changes or add additional delegates to your registration until the registration deadline. Online registration will close on May 31st, 2016. If you need assistance with your registration, please contact a member of our registration team. This new registration process will make picking up your packets in Tampa so much easier. 

We look forward to seeing you in Tampa.

Dr. James H. Cokley
President, National Baptist Congress of Christian Education


Message from Dr. Cokley about Online Registration First Steps


We're delighted that you've begun the online registration process! The Registration Team stands ready to assist you with your online registration needs. Several registrations have taken place but we're seeing a repeat of the same error occurring with several Churches.  As you register, please take your time and complete all steps to ensure a smooth process.   

Step 1: Enter your Email Address 

NOTE: Organization Levels Range from Level A1 through Individuals 

Step 3: Enter the first name from your list of delegates and follow through to the Agenda page, AFTER you've selected your class and special fee items "Click "ADD ANOTHER PERSON" this action will take you back to the MAIN PAGE (Enter email address for the second person)

Step 4: THE DELEGATE (ADDITIONAL):  CHANGE YOUR ORGANIZATION LEVEL TO "DELEGATE"(ADDITIONAL). If you MISS this step your registration fees will continue to calculate each delegate at the rate of the Church Fee. Again, please take your time and move through each frame of the registration form. STEP 4 plays a key role in your registration total, DON'T miss this step! REMEMBER STEP 4...MAKE THE CHANGE FROM CHURCH FEE TO DELEGATE (ADDITIONAL)! 

We look forward to seeing you in Tampa. 
Dr. James H. Cokley President, National Baptist Congress of Christian Education



Note About Registration for Special Events

Attendance at all events except the the Opening Musical Concert and Banquets are included with your registration fee.  The Opening Musical Concert,  President's Education and Faculty Banquet tickets are purchased separately.  Visit the Host Committee webpages for more information:  Tampa 2016

Have Questions?  Need Help?

If you have questions or need assistance about Registration or Classes for the Congress Annual Session, contact:

Mr. Maurice Lauher
National Baptist Congress Registration Office
P. O. Box 769
Fort Mill, SC 29716
Phone:  803-396-0805

Course Card Questions

If you have a question about your course cards, please contact:

Mrs. Monica Mickle, General Secretary
(318) 518-8766