2013 Annual Session Highlights

Charlotte, NC - September 2-6, 2013

Message from the President
Dr. Julius R. Scruggs

Greeting of Peace and Joy:

Welcome delegates and friends, to our Annual Session of the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.  I am excited and humbled by what I expect God to do through and with each of us.

I am profoundly thankful to the local host committee, led by Dr. Clifford A Jones, and many other capable pastors and lay persons.  We are thankful to them for planning what I believe will be a memorable and meaningful convention experience.

Let us be prayerful for the crises and concerns that loom large on our national and international horizons.  Let us continue to pray for peace in our national, the global community, and in all nations where persons are victimized by violence, war, racism, poverty, ethnic bigotry, classism, sexism and the like. 

Let us be prayerful that God will grant to us safe passage to Charlotte, North Carolina, "the Queen City," and also grant to us a Spirit-empowered Convention in which His name is glorified and the people of God are edified.

For the cause of Christ,


Julius R. Scruggs, President
National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. 

Annual Session Reports 2013

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Congress Report Annual Session 2013

The 108th Annual Session of the National Baptist Congress was held in St. Louis, Missouri, from June 17 – 21, 2013. It was an exciting time of worship, fellowship and instruction as delegates from across the country gathered together to give Excellent Praise to our most excellent Savior...Click the link on the left to view the full report.
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Faith-Based Initiatives Report Annual Session 2013

Our National Director serving as liaison to the Department of Justice, Dr. Amos Brown has been working tirelessly to express both concern and outrage to the powers that be regarding the Supreme Court’s ruling on Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act. As information, section 4 was the enforcement mechanism used to ensure that discriminatory methods towards voting rights would be struck down and they were. But with the Supreme Court effectively striking down section 4 it eliminates the enforcement mechanism....To read the full report, click the link on the left.
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Foreign Mission Board Report Annual Session 2013

...The model of Missions we now seek to create is based on Partnership.  Wherever we can, The Foreign Mission Board will work with a national government, local community groups, our National Baptist Convention churches and auxiliaries and external partners.  This 5-tiered approach is our definition of Partnership! This new model allowed us to build a church and community center on the Suehn Mission Station in Liberia...Click the link on the left to view the full report.
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Home Mission Board Annual Session Report - September 2013

...I am pleased to share this stewardship hour with one of our partners in our Micah social justice mission, Rev. Dr. Nelson B. Rivers the 3rd. Dr. Rivers has served with award winning distinction for his tremendous service, close to 40 years with the most important civil rights organization in America and the world, the NAACP. He presently serves as Vice President of Stakeholder Relations of the NAACP...Click the link on the left to view the full report.
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Laymen Report Annual Session 2013

Monday, September 2, 2013-The Laymen Wives & Women Supporters Ministry held their annual planning meeting for the Annual Prayer Breakfast and other projects at the Hilton Center City Hotel at 5:00 p.m.

President Harold Simmons held his annual Pre-Convention meeting with the officers and ministry leaders at 5:00 p.m. at the Hilton Center City Hotel... Click the link on the left to view the full report.
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Prison Ministry and Criminal Justice Commission Report Annual Session 2013

The Prison Ministry and Criminal Justice Commission was established to address the devastating impact of incarceration on our nation and our families in particular.  Currently the United States incarcerates over 2 million of her citizens, that is more than Russia and China combined.  According to a Pew Center Report, the United States of America has more persons incarcerated than any other nation in the world (1 out of every 100 citizens)...Click the link on the left to view the full report.


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50 Years in Continuous Pastoral Ministry
2013 Honorees


The following pastors were honored for 50 years or more of service as a pastor at the Annual Session meeting in Charlotte, NC on September 5, 2013 during the President's Hour:

Reverend Lonnie L. Brown, Sr.
Reverend Matthew Southall Brown, Sr.
Reverend E. B. Burroughs
Reverend Bennie Houston Byrd
Reverend Earnest L. Cain
Reverend Albert F. Campbell
Reverend James L. Cherry, Sr.
Reverend Willie S. Chambers
Reverend Robert W. Dixon, Sr.
Reverend Pequer English
Reverend Ernest M. Gordon
Reverend Leo H. Graham
Reverend J. S. Hopkins
Reverend Willie Martin Jackson
Reverend John Edward Jennings
Reverend W. B. Lewis
Reverend Victor Lee Medearis
Reverend Norman Eugene Owens, Sr.
Reverend William Perry, Jr.
Reverend Albert Ponder
Reverend S. P. Powell
Reverend William Kenneth Raynor
Reverend John A. Reed, Jr.
Reverend Donnie Sims
Reverend Marshell Stenson
Reverend O. C. Stiggers
Reverend Valmon D. Stotts
Reverend W. L. Strange, Sr.
Reverend Solomon Tarver
Reverend Malcolm L. Taylor
Reverend Elmore E. Warren, Jr.
Reverend David E. Williams, Sr.
Reverend Donnie Williams

To view previous years' honorees, visit:  50 Years As Pastor Honorees


Photograph Highlights


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Opening Session - 9/3/2013

Auxiliaries - 9/3/2013

President's Education Banquet - 9/3/2013

General Session Morning Home Mission Hour - 9/4/2013

General Session Afternoon JH Jackson and CAW Clark Preaching Forum - 9/4/2013


Foreign Mission Banquet - 9/4/2013

General Session Evening Foreign Mission Hour - 9/4/2013

President's Hour - 9/5/20143

General Session Afternoon - 9/5/2013

Candid Photographs

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Venue Information

Charlotte Convention Center

501 S. College St.
Charlotte, NC 28202
Phone:   704.339.6000



Dr. Clifford A. Jones, Sr., Host Pastor
Friendship Missionary Baptist Church
3400 Beatties Ford Road
Charlotte, NC  28216

Dr. Benjamin D. Snoddy, Honorary Co-Chair, Baptist E&M Convention of SC
Dr. Howard W. Parker, Jr., Honorary Co-Chair, General Baptist State Convention of NC, Inc. 
Website:  http://www.2013nbccarolinas.com