MW Region YPD Annual Conference (St. Louis, MO)
July 31     .     August 2, 2014 (all day)
March 1, 2014
Good Afternoon Delegates to the Mid West Regional Youth Conference 2014.
It is with exciting joy that I am writing to you to give you information about our Youth Conference!
Our Youth Conference will be held:
              July 31 - August 2, 2014
We will be having our Conference at:
    315 Chestnut Street
    St. Louis, MO 63102
    Telephone number: 888-421-1442
We have reserved a block of rooms and I need each state to fill at least 20 rooms. Some of our states have two conventions, so I pray that you will do what is asked of you.  If each Director will bring delegates, then we should not have any trouble filling the 80 room nights or more.   The hotel has been very nice and we have not had any problems with the Staff.  Each delegate is responsible for making their own reservation.  Please check with the hotel to see what the procedure is for those of us who will be bringing buses, vans, etc. Parking for buses will be $65 per day.  We are going to try to get better rates for parking.
Our room rate per night will be $109 plus taxes for single, double, triple and quadruple occupancy.
We are asking our host state to please stay at the hotel, so that we will be able to fill all our rooms.
Everything will be at the hotel, unless I find out that the Outreach Ministry has finalized their plans and decide that we will go out on Friday afternoon of our session.  There were some ideas presented and Director Vanessa Anderson will let me know what we will be doing and I will let all the State Directors know.
I am still asking each state to submit names for Officers: 
  • Sunrays - ages 2-4 Missouri
  • Sunshine Band - ages 5-9 Wisconsin
  • Red Circle Girls - ages 9-11 Michigan
  • Red Circle Girls - ages 12-14 Ohio
  • Red Circle Girls - ages 15-17 Illinois
  • Jr Laymen Boys - ages 9-11 Wisconsin
  • Jr Laymen Boys - ages 12-14 Missouri
  • Jr Laymen Boys - ages 15-17 Minnesota
  • YWA Girls - ages 18-35 Iowa
  • Jr Laymen Boys - ages 18-35 West Virginia
  • Matrons Woman - ages 18-35 Indiana or Michigan
Please let me know as soon as possible, directors if you will be able to fill this request. (Thanks.)
Our theme for this Conference is:  "Solidarity with the Savior in Our Witness" 1 John 4:23-24; Acts 1:8; 1 Corinthians 3:9-11; Philippians 2:5-8. We ask that the Young people will speak on the theme at their age level.
I am in need of Presiders for the Conference:
Thursday night - Wisconsin
Friday morning - Illinois
Friday night - Indiana
Saturday morning - Missouri
We are in need of teachers for the Conference.  Please contact Director Theresa Byrd. She is listed in the email address.  If you need more information, please give me a call.
  • Parade of States - Director Queen Crawford
  • Praise Dance -
  • Choir - Director Vanessa Anderson/ Karrington Toney
  • Rites of Passage - Directors Madlyn Dansby and Thelma Woods
  • Praise and Worship - Director Shekima Woodard/ President Doris McGilberry
Contact persons for Midwest Region music to be sent to: 
  • Sister Alice Boyd - Iowa
  • Sister Ethel Perkins - Michigan
  • Sister Doris McGilberry - Illinois
These ladies were at the Winter Board meeting and agreed to accept the music for their area.  If someone else, will work with us and have your young people that are coming to participate in the Midwest Regional Youth Choir, please send me your name, so that I may pass it on to Missouri. (Thanks)  We want a bigger choir than we had in Minnesota.  It looked like a hundred youth when they all got together. Praise God!
Also, please encourage the young people that are graduates of the Rites of Passage to come again this year.  We had a beautiful representation last year!  Praise God!
Our Missionary night is Friday night and we ask that all females will wear white and all males will wear dark pants and white shirts.
We have liability forms that we are asking each delegate to fill out (for Young People).  We have not had any casualties, but, we would rather be safe than sorry. (Thanks.)  I will be sending the form to you all via mail.  If I can get someone to scan a copy and send it to me, I will email it to you.
Our breakfast will be held Saturday morning.  The cost for the breakfast will be $30 per delegate.  We will again have a short program and presentation of trophies for the state that pre-register with the most delegates.  If you find out later that you need to register on site, that will not count towards your total for the trophy.  YOU MUST LET ME OR DIRECTOR HOCKENHULL KNOW THAT YOU NEED TO REGISTER ON SITE.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!
I pray that everyone will come ready to Praise and Worship God and remember that our Conference is all about the Young People!!!  This is their time. (Thanks.)
If you have any questions, or if you feel I have failed to give you information that you need, please do not hesitate to call or email me. (Thanks)
Registration:  $50 per delegate, all ages
Rooms:  $109 plus taxes per night.
Breakfast:  $30 per delegate, all ages
  • Buses - $65 per day
  • Cars - $28 per day
  • Vans - $60 per day
(We are trying to get better rates for parking.  We will let you know.) Pray.

Curfew:  All delegates must be in their rooms by 11 p.m.  We do not want the hotel to say that our young people are disturbing other guests in the hotel and we do not want anyone to be hurt or harmed in any way.  Badges will be furnished by Director Hines and must be worn at all times during the Conference.  That is how the Midwest is protected from being falsely accused. (Thanks.)
Because He Lives,
Mrs. Wanda Hines


Print the Registration Form - Registration deadline:  June 30, 2014

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