The Affordable Care Act and How It Works" Summit (Baton Rouge, LA)
December 5, 2013     .     9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Steps Toward Health and Wholeness: The Affordable Care Act and How It Works" Summit and Registration Form

Dear Pastor and Community Leader: 

A committed group of Organizational Partners to include the Greater Louisiana Baptist Convention, Inc. Social Justice Department (GLBCSJD); Hope2Vote Initiative, Louisiana Democratic Party; PICO of Louisiana (People Improving Communities through Organizing); SCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Conference of Louisiana); and LAWIM (Louisiana Area Women in Ministry) will Sponsor a SOCIAL JUSTICE SUMMIT on the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT. 

The event is designed to principally serve churches throughout the state of Louisiana and assist them with providing information and answer questions regarding their congregant’s rights, privileges and opportunities for coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Churches that qualify can also sign-up to serve as a Marketplace Enrollment Site for their parishioners and others in the community where they reside and minister. 

6.8 million Uninsured African Americans will have new opportunities for coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Of the 6.8 million uninsured African-Americans who are eligible for coverage through the Marketplace, 56 percent are men. The state of Louisiana is in desperate need of moral and prophetic leadership to help thousands of its citizens to enroll for the benefits available through the ACA which is the Law of the Land. The Church in-the-Black Experience in particular and all others in general is being called upon for leadership and guidance as it has in past struggles for social justice and equality especially now in Louisiana where there is no leadership and support in this effort from its highest political office. 

The place where the Social Justice Summit will be conducted is the Greater King David Baptist Church Corporate Location: 911 Lobdell Avenue in Baton Rouge on Thursday, December 5, 2013 from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon. The registration is FREE. The Host Pastor is the Reverend John E. Montgomery, II who is also the Vice-President-at-Large of the Greater Louisiana Baptist Convention. 

Also Representatives that you name from your church will receive free training at the Summit to serve as Navigators/Application Counselors and oversee the Marketplace enrollment effort for your congregation up to the March 31, 2014 deadline to enroll.
Use this link to complete the registration form for this event online: Registration Form for the ACA Summit