GLBC Planning Meeting for SE Regional Social Justice Summit (Baker, LA)
October 24, 2013     .     10:00 am - 12:00 pm
The Greater Louisiana Baptist Convention, Inc. Social Justice Department (GLBCSJD) will host a General Planning Committee Meeting to sponsor a GLBC SOUTHEAST REGION SOCIAL JUSTICE SUMMIT

  • To bring awareness to Louisiana Faith Communities and its Citizens of the factors that determine the degree of injustice and racial disparity that exists in the Criminal Justice System; Education/Schools; and Economic Development and Empowerment Strategic Plans and correct any disparity for people of color in particular and all persons in general

  • To conduct three (3) simultaneous information and training sessions 1 ½ hours each session three (3) times a day on above three topic areas as part of the One (1) Day GLBC SE Region Social Justice Summit
  • Create Task Forces to implement the plan as established during the Social Justice Summit to develop recommendations to be presented to the State Legislature, State Department of Education, and Parish Strategic Plan Officials
  • Establish a Timeline for the work of the Task Forces
  • Recruit members for the GLBC Social Justice Department Coordinating Council for the Southeast Region which will provide general oversight for GLBCSJD program activities, events, fund-development and sustainability efforts

The meeting is scheduled for Thursday October 24, 2013 from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon followed by a Fellowship Meal hosted by Reverend Anthony Kelley, GLBC Social Justice Director and Pastor of Greater First Church-Baptist. 

The Meeting will be held at the Greater First Church-Baptist in its Emmet W. Bashful Fellowship and Activity Center next door to the sanctuary located at 4669 Groom Road in Baker, Louisiana. ALL GLBC Southeast Region Pastors, officers and auxiliary leaders and other interested GLBC members are welcomed and urged to attend.

To confirm your attendance, which will help with the planning for the complimentary meal, please call Olga Jackson, Assistant Church Secretary @ (225) 778-4788 (GFCB Church Office); Pastor Anthony Kelley @ (225) 916-4455 (mobile); or Pastor Alan Creecy, GLBC Southeast Regional Vice-President and Assistant Social Justice Director @ (504) 905-8173 (mobile) no later than Friday October 18, 2013.