May 29     .     June 1, 2014 (all day)
Dates & Times
MAY 29 - JUNE 1, 2014

Event Description
It is my privilege to write to you about a wonderful Retreat opportunity in planning for May 29, 30, 31 and June 1st, 2014 at the fantastic Beachfront Duplex Beach Home, in Ocean Isle, North Carolina. To view the Beachfront Duplex, visit:


Since I am extremely excited about the event, I want to share and invite you to be a part of the Retreat. The question you may be asking yourself is why now… Well for the most of us, the pace of daily life is pretty hectic. We are always on the go. There isn’t much time to think about the things that are truly important in life. At the Retreat, the peace and solitude will provide us a chance to get away, to take time to reflect, and refresh with Blessings. During this time apart from family and events, you may even discover the inner strength to help with many issues facing you. And, there is the spiritual counseling or just a sympathetic ear of someone else that has been where you are now.

If you are thinking not now—or that a Retreat is not for me—think again, Retreat is for every woman, moms on the go, career women, empty–nesters, woman who are single, divorced, or widowed. The Retreat as outlined will provide a place of refuge and spiritual renewal where all are welcome. Perhaps, you think you don’t need a retreat there are no extra ordinary problem or challengers in your life. The Retreat is not only for the difficult times in your life—it’s also for those times when you are feeling happy, fulfilled, and thankful for all your many blessings. What better way to deepen your spiritual connection with God to whom you are so grateful.

Or, maybe you are saying, “I cannot afford to give up my time and funds for a Retreat now.” You really need to realize that when you step away from your daily schedule many times you are appreciated more. A Retreat is a time for you to re-focus your energy and return ready for greater heights.

Finally, the cost is quite reasonable, $250.00, (lodging, 3 meals and snacks). But, for those who see the cost as a problem, I want you to realize that the cost should never be a reason for not making the Retreat. We have a payment plan outlined below and are working hard trying to secure scholarships, because we realize that all of us at one time or another have experienced financial challenges. We will share more about the scholarships as we move forward. Therefore, no matter what the reason is, we look forward to your participation.

If you were at our last Retreat, please don’t miss this one. The opportunity for an uplifting and fulfilling experience is the center of the Retreat, as you well know from the last experience. I promise you—your attendance will be the greatest gift you can give yourself.

So mark your calendars now; to reserve your space at the place. You can begin paying as soon as August 2013, until April 2014. The payment plan is as small as $22 per month after a $75.00 non-refundable down payment. Yes, you read it correctly; payment can begin now, August 2013. For further information, please contact Pastor Belva Wilker at 347-351-8024. I look forward to seeing you at the Retreat,

Come join us as we explode together the goodness of the LORD. A Retreat you will never forget.

Call your Sistahs! And come on aboard!

Event Location
242 East First Street
Ocean Isle, NC 28469

Event Contact Person
Belva Wilker