Original Providence Baptist Church 150th Anniversary (Chicago, IL)
June 23, 2013, 3:30 pm

Event Description
We the Covenant Community of Original Providence Baptist Church is celebrating 150 years of ministry on the Westside of Chicago. Original Providence is the oldest African American Baptist Church on the Westside of Chicago and the second oldest in the city. On July 8, 1863 a group of 17 African-American fugitive slaves were granted the privilege to establish the Providence Baptist Church where they could serve God freely under their own vine and fig tree. The church later under the pastorate of Rev. S. L. Francis permanently changed its name to Original Providence Baptist Church.

We will be joined by Pastor LeAundre Hill and Purposed Church as we culminate this auspicious occasion.

Event Location
Original Providence Baptist Church
515 N. Pine Ave.
Chicago, IL 60644

Event Contact Person
Cleophus Lee