Historic Woodlawn Missionary Baptist Church 100 Men IN Black (Brownsville, TX)
April 28, 2013, 2:00 pm

Event Description
Come join us as we conclude our Men's Month celebration. Rev. Robert Whitley and the Good Hope Baptist Church of Stanton, Tennessee will be our guests. Dinner will be served at 12:30 pm. Theme: “Raising The Standard: Becoming A Kingdom Man”

"So I sought for a man among them who would make a wall, and stand in the gap before Me on behalf of the land, that I should not destroy it; but I found no one." Ezekiel 22:30 (New King James Version)

Rev. James T. Farmer, Jr., Senior Pastor
"Same Gospel, New Direction"

Event Location
The Historic Woodlawn Missionary Baptist Church
363 Woodlawn Road; Highway 19 West
P O Box 646
Brownsville, TN 38012

Event Contact Person
William D. Barken