2014 SW Regional Youth Conference Highlights

Report from the
2014 Southwest Region Youth Conference
Marriott Hotel - Jackson, MS
July 28-30, 2014
Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow!
I am personally thanking each of you for all the prayers, participation, and enthusiasm you showed during the Southwest Region Youth Conference while meeting in Jackson, Mississippi. Your hard work and accommodating spirit helped us tremendously. Thank You!
We had an awesome conference beginning with the Prayer Breakfast/ Memorial. A special thank you to Director Rhonda Mitchell, Minister James Brown, and Sister La Donna from Oklahoma, the Western Region, for coming and fellowshipping with us. Sister Linda Carter of Alabama, our Prayer breakfast chair, did an excellent job, and the program participants were at their best. Ericka Bridges, youth leader from East Mississippi, presided over the program and kept the Spirit flowing. The speaker was Sis. Jennifer Gray from Jackson. She gave an inspiring message based on the theme:
 "Solidarity with the Savior in Our Witness" (I Corinthians 3:9-11).  An inspirational praise dance was performed by Leah McGruder.
Our host, Rev. Arthur Sutton, and the General Mississippi Baptist State Convention were gracious and kind (Dr. Isiac Jackson, President; Rev. Robert Landing, Moderator of the Jackson District Association; Rep. Mary H. Coleman, Executive Director of the Woman's Department). We thank them for providing a driver, Rev. Ralph James, for Director Hockenhull on Sunday. She was able to attend church services with me at the New Hope Baptist Church where our host pastor, Rev. Dr. Jerry Young, gave a dynamic message!
After being spiritually fed, we were treated to a delicious meal, compliments of General Mississippi.  The highlight of Monday morning's session was the testimony of one of our youth, sharing the Power of God's Healing and her increasing faith in Him. The theme message by Minister Flowers set the tone for the conference.
There were eleven classes and eight activities, all supported by great teachers and enthusiastic students. All classes were overflowing. We were also blessed by the presence of Sis. Rosie Sanders from the New Educational Baptist State Convention.
The Welcome Program was well attended and highly uplifting even though we had to move from the hotel to another venue, the convention center. Pastor Sutton gave an encouraging opening message.
On Tuesday, we had our Mission Message by Pastor Lee Nelson Jones of Texas. Awesome!!! Our mission gifts of toiletries and Bibles were given to the Community Outreach Center. The Rites of Passage Ceremony was truly touching. Dr. Tammy Shadwick continued the legacy of her mother, Sis.
Dorothy W. Shadwick. The ceremony was well supported by mentors and youth from every state. The Wedding of Roses Pageant was very beautiful and great talents were shared.
We were so thankful for the youth who presided and for those who shared through testimony, praise and songs. Each day in assembly, we had youth to share. On Monday afternoon, Trevion Jones from Texas spoke on “Witnessing God's Power" (Acts 1:8). Wednesday's speaker was Justin Watson from Arkansas. He spoke on "Who We Are" from I Corinthians 3: 9-11.
Wednesday was highly charged with praises to God through the ministries of puppetry, songs, and dance. The closing message given by Minister Sidney Milton put a lasting touch on the theme, "Solidarity with the Savior in Our Witness."
The Southwest Region was BLESSED and ALL GLORY and HONOR we give to GOD our FATHER! We thank all who shared in the tenth anniversary of the region.
This year, we had so many to come forward and participate. We are grateful for Sis. Jennetta Mason who taught the "True Worshipping and Witnessing” class. We have programs for those who would like to have one. We thank our host committee coordinator, Sis. Thelma Donald, for all her efforts to make sure our stay was enjoyable and to Sis. B. J. Wells for her pre-conference help.  A Special Shout Out to President Carlos Wilson from
East Mississippi Baptist State Convention for attending each SWRYC for nine years in support of the youth!
This year's program was dedicated to the Pioneers and to the memory of workers who labored and now have entered into eternal rest!
Sister Mary Hopkins
Southwest Region Youth Director

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