About the Woman's Auxiliary


The Mission of the Woman's Auxiliary to the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. is to embrace the spirit mind, teachings and principles of Christ in our endeavor to promote Christian education, minister to needs, and promote spiritual growth for the women of our Convention and to advance the Gospel message to people, and in particular, women in the world.


  • Organize Women
  • Sympathize with Women
  • Evangelize Women

Woman's Auxiliary Missions

  • Regional Conferences
  • Expansion of the S. Willie Layton Hospital built in 1984 by the Woman's Convention in Chilembwe, Malawi, Central Africa
  • The Nannie Helen Burroughs Woman's Conference, co-sponsored with the American Baptist College.  The purpose of this Conference is to establish a national forum for dialogue on issues of women's leadership roles in the church and society. Various workshops on the ministry of family and public life are addressed. This conference represents an outreach of the American Baptist College in ways that are different from the Congress and the Convention. There will be a commitment for the women of the Convention and especially the young women.

Our Pledge

We pledge to continue our efforts in behalf or our Convention: to more adequately and compassionately serve the needs of the women of our Convention and women around the world. 

Join Us

Any woman who is a member of the local church's Missionary Society and whose church is a member of the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. can register to attend the meetings of the Woman's Auxiliary during the Annual Session in September and/or the Mid-winter Board Meeting in January. There are no membership fees specific to joining the Woman's Auxiliary; however registration fees are required of the woman's home church, District Association or State Convention. Registration generally occurs at the same time as the Convention's Annual Session, Mid Winter Board Meeting and Congress Annual Session.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact us at:


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