Ushers and Nurses Auxiliary

The Usher's and Nurse's Auxiliary is comprised of Christian women and men who have been called to serve in their local churches as ushers, nurses and other health workers, and various other church leaders who support the efforts of these groups.

The desire to have a Christ-centered Convention must result in auxiliaries that are Christ-centered in their programming. The Usher's and Nurses Auxiliary seeks to fulfill this mandate by emphasizing Christ's desires for how we should conduct ourselves in our appointed roles in all our of our study efforts. Our workers will learn more about Christ, His mission, His meaning, and His messages.

In order to be Christ-centered and effective in their roles, Ushers and Nurses must first be Christians in their homes, workplace, social settings, and churches. We should not only seek to know Christ, but we should seek to show Christ in our lives. To this end, the Usher's and Nurse's Auxiliary provides information on Christian salvation, encourages members to understand what salvation means so that they can witness about the goodness of Jesus Christ and carry our His Great Commission through ushering and health-related programming.

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Mission & Objectives
PURPOSE STATEMENT: To unite, develop educate and strengthen skills of those that have accepted the challenge of a person-to-person ministry within the church. Full focus on the four pillars of church: Doctrine, Evangelism, Stewardship and Fellowship ... [more]

Organizational Structure
PRESIDENT Shall preside over all meetings and is the leader in establishing goals, objectives and general directions for the Ushers and Nurses Auxiliary. She will be responsible for communicating with the President of the Convention and Board of Direc... [more]

"We've Come This Far By Faith" Fifty-nine transformative years of delight and discovery! It is rewarding and refreshing to know the labor of ushers, past and present, who persevered and prospered on our behalf. Mrs. Minnie E. Anderson (194... [more]

Contact Us
Mr. James McHenry, President 231 Northwest 84th St. Oklahoma City, OK, 73114 Phone: 405-840-1098 Email: [more]