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Home Mission Board Announces Schedule for Annual Session

  UPDATED:  The Home Mission Board is excited to announce its schedule of events for the 135th Annual Session, September 7-11, 2015.  The Annual Session is being held in Memphis, TN at the Memphis …Read More

Home Mission Day Family Fun Fest to be held during Annual Session

Get ready for the Home Mission Board Family Fun Fest!  This Home Mission Board event will be held in collaboration with the Greater Middle Baptist Church where the Rev. William McKinley Jackson is the pastor. …Read More

Your Invitation to the Home Mission Board Annual Awards & Recognition Luncheon

You are cordially invited to... Annual Home Mission Board Awards & Recognition Luncheon Tuesday, September 8, 2015 | 12:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. Guest Preacher Dr. Bartholomew Orr Brown Missionary Baptist …Read More

ATTENTION ALL CHAPLAINS: 2015 Chaplains Institute is canceled!

May 6, 2015 TO: All NBC, USA, INC. CHAPLAINS FROM:  Dr. Charles F. Thomas Sr., Ecclesiastical Endorser and Dr. Floyd Lacey, Director, Chaplain’s Institute   SUBJECT: …Read More

Home Mission Board and Gamaliel Foundation Join Forces for Faith Based Organizing

The Home Mission Board will be assisting Gamaliel International, an interfaith, faith-based community organizing network. The affiliate is Missouri's "Metropolitan Congregations United." They will meet during …Read More

Home Mission Board Statement on the Michael Brown Tragedy

The Home Mission Board expresses our sympathy and prayers of comfort to Michael Brown's family. Only parents who have lost a child by way of violence knows the pain and anguish they are going through. We call on all …Read More

The Ferguson Fuss, Fatigue and Failure: Faith’s Response

By Rev. Charles E. Mock August 19, 2014   The unofficial consensus of Ferguson, Missouri citizens is the protest and violence will continue until Police Officer Darren Wilson, the 6 year veteran of the …Read More

Home Mission Board Annual Session News

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Ecclesiastical Endorsement Message re: CHAPLAINS PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE # 9913

The 2014 Chaplains Professional Development Institute attendance is required of all Chaplains endorsed through the Office of the Ecclesiastical Endorser of our Convention. Exceptions can be made when …Read More

Policy Statement and Guidelines to Chaplains Regarding Same-Gender Couples

SAME SEX MARRIAGE AND RELATED ACTIVITIES   January 27, 2014   From: The Office of the Ecclesiastical Endorser, National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.   Subject: Policy Statement and Guidelines …Read More