Ecclesiastical Endorsement Ministry


Click here to get Ecclesiastical Endorsement Brochure - (rev. 11/2010)

The Office of the Ecclesiastical Endorser for the NBC,USA, Inc., has been in continuous operation for over fifty-five (55) years with the express purpose of endorsing and providing spiritual support to the clergy, of this Convention, who minister to the hundreds of thousands of persons in the U.S. Armed Forces and the Department of Veterans Affairs through their respective Chaplaincy Programs.

Chaplaincy Training Requirements

Get Ecclesiastical Endorsement Program Training Requirements

Training requirements for the Ecclesiastical Endorsement Program (Chaplains) are available for review and printing by clicking on the link above. Please direct any questions you have about this program to:

Ecclesiastical Endorser:  

Dr. Nevalon Mitchell, Jr.
8414 Church Lane
Bowie, MD  20720

Institute Director:  

Floyd Lacey