From Rising to New Challenges to Igniting the Power of We

The Faith Based Development Initiative Report
2012 Annual Session
Dr. Larry B. West, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Mr. President, Executive Team, State Presidents, Board Members at Large, Auxiliary Presidents, Brothers and Sisters, grace be unto you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Faith Based Development Initiative (FBDI) is pleased to report that it is putting forth a strong effort in developing a mechanism to assist all entities within the National Baptist Convention USA, Inc. to increase their value within the neighborhoods, the cities and/or the venues they serve. The FBDI, at this moment, being led and engaged by nine (9) National Directors, is yielding serious time to the development of our constituencies’ willingness to “Rise to New Challenges.” The times demand it, our people deserve it and we, as a body, are absolutely capable of it.

The FBDI has committed to carry out the President’s vision to honor the call to Solidarity and work the vision for Community Transformation nationwide. As we work, we are striving to answer the prevailing questions:

  • What can we do to build and sustain safe and healthy communities nationwide?
  • What can we do to more effectively advocate in our people’s own best interest nationwide?
  • What can we do nationally to build on what is already successful locally?
  • What if we used the collective power of the NBCUSA, Inc. – 7 million members strong – to galvanize resources and empower our own people?...

Board Reports

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Information for Starting a Credit Union

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"Information for Starting a Credit Union"


Mount Jezreel Baptist Church, Silver Spring, MD


Reverend Eldrige Spearman, Pastor and National Director/Liaison to the U. S. Small Business Administration, NBC, USA, Inc. Faith Based Development Initiative

Topics covered include:

  • Credit Union Facts    
  • How to Start a Credit Union    
  • Estimated Start-Up and Operating    
  • Costs in Chartering a Credit Union (White Paper on Start-Up)
  • NCUA Contact for Starting Credit Union    
  • Facts about Federal Credit Union    
  • Chartering & Field of Membership Manual (Table of Contents/Partial Manual)
  • Guideline for NCUA’s Express    
  • Chartering Procedure
  • Credit Union Merger and Conversion Manual    
  • Christian Community Credit Union
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Price:  $50.00, includes shipping & handling, checks or money orders only.

How to Purchase:

Click the button to fill out your order form, print it and mail it along with your payment to the address indicated on the form..


Questions concerning Information for Starting a Credit Union can be directed to Minister Brown by email at:

Faith Based Development Initiatives 2014 MWB Report

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2014 Mid Winter Board Report of the Faith-Based Development Initiative

Faith-Based Initiatives Report Annual Session 2013

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Our National Director serving as liaison to the Department of Justice, Dr. Amos Brown has been working tirelessly to express both concern and outrage to the powers that be regarding the Supreme Court’s ruling on Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act. As information, section 4 was the enforcement mechanism used to ensure that discriminatory methods towards voting rights would be struck down and they were. But with the Supreme Court effectively striking down section 4 it eliminates the enforcement mechanism....To read the full report, click the link on the left.

Faith Based Development Initiative MWB Report 2013

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2013 Mid-Winter Board Meeting Report.  Click icon on the left to download the document.

Faith Based Programs Report Mid-Winter Board 2012

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2012 Mid-Winter Board Meeting Report.  Click icon on the left to download the document.

Faith Based Programs Report Annual Session 2012

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2012 Annual Session Report.  Click icon on the left to download the document.