Red Cross and NBC, USA, Inc. Unite to Help People Impacted by Hurricane Sandy

National Baptist Convention /Red Cross Partnership
Hurricane Sandy Grant Project
Office of Disaster Management
Reverend Dr. Randy G. Vaughn, National Office of Disaster Management Director

Project Summary

The National Baptist Convention (NBC) is in Grant Partnership with  Red Cross Disaster Service Funding to support the Disaster Case Management (DCM) program in New York and New Jersey. The Grant will support DCM services that aid in the recovery of those impacted by Hurricane Sandy. These services include direct care, and mental health case management services. Training and outreach services will be directed to NBC churches in the communities affected.  The grant is expected to run from August 2013 to July 2014.

This effort will open lines of communication and avenues for licensed social workers, psychiatrists and trained community health workers to aid clients in identifying and dealing with the triggers and stressors associated with displacement, loss of personal possessions, jobs, transportation and identity.  These are situations that, when left unchecked, lead to depression and hopelessness.

Services will be provided in three stages: 1) site assessment, recruitment, and screening of DCM personnel 2) training of selected case workers/managers, 3) operations and management of “on the ground” case management services, which include:
Direct Care:  Assistance for clients in locating appropriate products of need, to include:  food, housing, shelter, transportation, after school programs, child care, and community support services.

Mental Health and Medical Assistance:  Psychological First Aid (understanding what survivors need immediately after the disaster),counseling, support groups, PTSD, substance abuse, peer to peer support  groups, domestic violence counseling, financial literacy groups, resiliency groups and legal services mental health assessments medical assistance- nursing, assessments, asthma,  diabetes, std's, job training, education, and youth social services needs.
 Coordinated Assisted Network (CAN) National Baptist Training:  NBC training will ensure that all members of the disaster case management team are trained using the DCM Training Curriculum. The DCM model focuses on principles of disaster case management, with an emphasis on providing services to persons with disabilities and other special needs populations. Additional training will be provided to church staff and volunteers. 
NBC’s goal in the DCM process is to assist vulnerable populations, with disaster-related–needs, in the aftermath of disaster, to rapidly return individuals and families who have survived a disaster to a state of self-sufficiency.  

Required Activities  of the Grant

  • Conduct DCM training in 20 churches and community-based organizations.
  • Develop  a core of 20 trained professional and Community Health Case Workers prepared to respond to disasters and the needs of the community.
  • Provide outreach and case management services to 150 families.
  • Train 100 volunteers in Disaster Preparedness.
  • Provide referral services to 150 families.

Get Involved!

The National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. is dedicated to providing support to the communities we serve.  Our facilities and congregations are available as significant resources for the community in response to disasters.    If you are interested in getting your church, district association or state convention involved in disaster relief efforts coordinated by the Convention, for the New York, New Jersey area contact:
Office of Disaster Management, NBC, USA, Inc.
Deborah D. Moore, Program Administrative Assistant
501 W. Thomas Boulevard
Port Arthur, Texas 77640
409-982-6464 Ext 19 / 409-982-2203 Fax
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