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2015 Congress of Christian Education Message from Dean Elliott Cuff

Elliott Cuff, Dean

On behalf of Dr. Jerry Young, our national convention president, and Dr. George W. Waddles, the president of our National Baptist Congress of Christian Education, welcome to Detroit, Michigan.  This week promises to be one of the most exciting, eventful, and educational in our most recent history. There have been some changes. We will be doing some things differently. There are new faces in familiar places. We are indeed Envisioning the Future Exceptionally by making biblically sound and Christ-centered adjustments today. But the one constant has remained: we promise to present to you some of the most outstanding Christian educators, instructors, preachers, worship services, and fellowship opportunities anywhere in God's Kingdom.  From the opening evening worship service right through the Commencement, and Children and Youth Rallies there is something for every National Baptist church, every generation, every family, and for all ages. After this week, pastors and churches as well as Sunday schools in every church of our Convention will be rising up to help our Lord make new disciples and be further challenged to help all disciples grow in their witness and faith.

Welcome to the greatest gathering of Christian education, worship, fellowship, and Christian nurture!  Welcome to the Motor City. Welcome to the week where we all can get our Christian engines tuned up for greater service to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Again, thanks for coming, enjoy the week, and let's get growing in the Word of God!

Envisioning the Future Exceptionally, 

Elliott Cuff
Dean, Congress of Christian Education

Christian Education Faculty/Teacher Applications

Dear Congress Faculty:

Greetings in the blessed and matchless name of our Christ!  For your convenience, we have provided our updated National Baptist Congress of Christian Education Faculty/ Teacher Application that you might download the PDF file and complete the information by typing directly into the form.   We continue to strive for excellence as we do our best to become more in Solidarity with the Savior and your completion of this form helps us toward this goal.  Thanks and hope to see you in St. Louis this coming June!  I am in Solidarity with the Savior!

Dr. Elliott Cuff
Dean, National Baptist Congress of Christian Education
NBC, USA, Incorporated



Course Card Questions

If you have a question about your course cards, please contact:

Dr. Doretha Johnson, General Secretary