Voting Matters: Crooked Hillary vs Crazy Trump - Rev. Dr. Charles E. Mock - September 2016

By Reverend Dr. Charles E. Mock |  September 30, 2016

Disclaimer:  The article represents a non-solicited personal opinion regarding the upcoming presidential elections.  The author is not authorized to voice an official position of the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.

If you had a choice to vote for either a crooked woman or a crazy man how would you vote? Is that what the 2016 American presidential election boils down to ‐‐ crooked Clinton or Crazy Trump?

Or, is the major difference between the two candidates pro‐establishment Clinton vs anti‐establishment Trump?

Or, is the vote between businessman vs politician? 

However one chooses to frame this election, choice, is one thing for sure ‐‐ the implications and ramifications of one’s choice could not be more monumental in the history of this nation.

Personally, I would rather vote for a corrupt politician than a crazy politician. Why? Because there has never been politics without corruption. Corruption is a matter of legal‐illegal nuances. There has never been or will be politics with the kind of transparency we Americans can believe in. There will never be laws developed with ethical purity, passed in a context of transparency and reinforced with moral accountability‐‐ not in the midst of America's well established traditions of quid pro quo,
backroom money‐talking deals, slush funds, pay‐to‐play lobbyist, etc.

For such reasons I really don't understand people saying they can't stand Donald Trump but will vote for him because Hillary is dishonest and corrupt. I wonder if such persons have researched how many publically elected or appointed officials in their state have left office because of moral or legal corruption and, or dishonesty.

Americans have learned to live and deal with 50 shades of grey corruption and dishonesty. Thank God we have not had to learn to live with 50 shades of crazy.

I think it would be crazy to vote for a President and Commander‐in‐Chief, a person who has no law degree and, or political experience in a nation built and nurtured on complex, highly nuanced national laws, public policy, statutes and international alliances. Excuse the expression but "I'm just saying."

When it comes to corruption there are well established mechanisms in place to monitor illegality and violations of public policy, not to mention thousands of non‐profit watchdogs.

When it comes to "crazy," said mechanisms are less likely to control outcomes. Presidential Press
Conferences would have everyone on pins and needles due to obvious reasons in connection with "crazy."

The world is crazy enough. Everywhere we look people are doing crazy things, folks like Ryan Lochte. This 12‐ medalist Olympian swimmer acted crazy one night with his boys and lied about it. The result was the loss of four major endorsements at the loss of millions of dollars. Crazy!

Who hasn't done crazy things in their teen to adult life? The difference today is "crazy" has become one of the new normal in many places in life as we know it. 

The last place we need the normalization of "crazy" is in the White House!

By all means vote this November. We might be crazy if we don't at such a critical time in America and the world!