The Congress initiates bidding process for future Annual Sessions

January 4, 2013

Taking the lead of Congress President Dr. George Waddles, the Congress has initiated a new bidding process that creates opportunities for multiple cities to bid on our future Congress Annual Sessions.  "We are looking to work with cities that really want our business and are willing to provide our delegates with the most comfortable and convenient venues and lodging options that meet or exceed our specifications - all at the most reasonable cost," commented Ms. Marsha DuPont, Deputy Director, Conventions, Meetings & Planning.   As part of this process, the Congress solicited requests for proposals (RFPs) from various cities to host future Congress meetings.  The cities with the most promising proposals were invited to come to the Baptist World Center in Nashville to give presentations on what they have to offer our convention in consideration for choosing their city. Site visits were made only to those cities in contention for being selected - resulting in a huge time and cost savings to the Convention.

The Congress is planning to make an announcement about the locations of their future annual sessions at the Mid Winter Board Meeting this month for the years of 2015, 2016, 2018, and 2019.   The Congress already has agreements in place with the city of St. Louis, MO to host the Congress meetings in 2013 and 2017; and with the city of Dallas, TX to host in 2014.


The City of Tampa rolled out the red carpet to court the Congress