The Church and Social Media

By Denise Mayhan, PhD, Technology, Website Content and Social Media for NBC, USA, I |  February 6, 2016

Denise Mayhan, PhD, technology, website and social media content manager for the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. made this presentation at the 2016 Mid-Winter Board Meeting.  The purpose of the presentation was to help our churches understand the importance of and how to use three fundamental social media platforms for ministry and communication.  Dr. Mayhan may be reached by email at

The presentation on The Church and Social Media covers:

  1. What is social Media?
  2. What do we do with it?
  3. How churches use social media
  4. The Fundamentals:  Get F-I-T
  5. Using Facebook
  6. Using Instagram
  7. Using Twitter
  8. Advantages and Disadvantages of social media use
  9. Role of Church Leadership in promoting proper use and setting the example
The handout provides detailed information on how churches can use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for Ministry and communications.

Click here to download the presentation and handout