The 2016 Election - Politics, Your Church and the LAW!

By Atty. E. Charlene Stimley Priester, Jackson, MS |  February 6, 2016

Attorney E. Charlene Stimley Priester of Jackson, MS made this presentation at the 2016 Mid-Winter Board meeting to help prepare our churches for the 2016 election season.  Areas covered in this presentation included:

  1. What’s at Stake in 2016?
  2. Are there restrictions on my church’s participation in politics?
  3. Are there restrictions other than from the IRS?
  4. Key Restrictions.
  5. May candidates appear in pulpits during worship services? 
  6. Can Campaigns use a room at the church for an event?
  7. Can Campaigns use a room at the church for an event?
  8. Can a church publish a voter guide?
  9. May a church make a contribution to a candidate committee, political party committee or political action committee(PAC))?
  10. May a church contribute to a ballot measure committee (committees supporting or opposing ballot initiatives or referenda)?
  11. Can we Talk About Political Issues at Church?
  12. Other Ways a Church Can Participate in Politics.

Click here for the presentation