SBC Invites Pres. Jerry Young to Annual Session to address prayer and racial unity

By Shawn Hendricks, BP News |  April 22, 2016

...With the theme of this year's June 14-15 gathering being "Awaken America: Reach the World -- Agree, Unite, Pray," (President) Floyd continues to point to passionate prayer as a critical tool for a "nationwide and global spiritual awakening."...

For the second year, Floyd will lead a Tuesday evening session devoted to prayer. "A National Call to Prayer for Spiritual Leadership" will feature a diverse group of Southern Baptist leaders and pastors with special guests Keith and Kristyn Getty. Floyd has also invited African American pastor Jerry Young, who is president of the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc., to participate in the evening session. Young also will be among the speakers at a special session, "A National Conversation on Racial Unity in America," that will take place that morning.

Floyd described St. Louis as "one of America's significant cities."

"With the racial unrest in St. Louis due to what happened in Ferguson in August of 2014, Southern Baptists will have a strong opportunity to represent Christ through Crossover ministry in the city," Floyd said of the annual evangelism outreach event that takes place each year in the annual meeting's host city. They also have an opportunity to "speak to the racial challenges that face not only St. Louis, but our entire nation..."

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