Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King: On Character Development

By Rev. Dr. Charles E. Mock |  January 5, 2017

By Rev. Dr. Charles E. Mock
December 2016

Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. provided essential and pivotal leadership in a human/civil rights movement. He and his justice activists longed for the day "people would not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."

Today the content of one's character is a major issue for a particular segment of Black America. Character is an issue in Black Lives Movement. 

Black Lives Matter is a slogan that cuts two ways. It cuts into a racist, false narrative of the superiority of some whites against non-whites. On the other hand, it cuts into a violence-prone mentality on the part of some minorities who have forfeited any regard for the sacredness of a person's life--black or white.

Since Dr. King's death, all these years later, character development has become a significant issue that impedes one's opportunity to reach a particular destination.

The most at-risk individuals have moral and ethical issues that sabotage their capacity and opportunities to become living wage earners and wealthy business owners. Read More