Remembering the 2015 NBC Trip to the Baptist World Alliance Conference, Durban, South Africa

By Richard and Eva Overturf |  August 22, 2016

Hello, Family and Friends: 

God is good and He’s good all the time, Amen.
Richard and I returned from South Africa Tuesday, July 28th, 2015 after having had a wonderful adventure and experience starting July 20th

We attended this year’s Baptist World Alliance Conference held in Durban, South Africa, a three-day conference – church every day, amen.  This year’s theme: a fitting theme as everyone from around the world attended. 

We were truly amazed by all the people from all over the world knowing that while our cultures were different we were all one in the same, Believers, in the Christ, Jesus.

Our adventure began Monday, July 20th leaving Los Angeles airport via United Airlines flying into Dulles Airport, Washington, DC.  We boarded South African Airlines where we left the United States flying into Qatar, an eight-hour journey, there we had an hour layover where some got off while others got on and a fresh new crew and attendants were changed. 

The airplane was refreshed inside and out though those of us flying into Johannesburg (Jo burg) stayed on board.  Leaving there, we flew another eight hours landing in Johannesburg.  We got off that plane, transferred our luggage to board yet another plane that would fly us into Durban, our final stop.  That flight was another fifty minutes to an hour flight – light flying from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

We were met by our guides and was transported to our hotel, the Portea, a five-star hotel.  It is Winter there but they were in need of rain just as we are here in California.  Our guide told Richard that he brought the rain with him. We had a few days of rain but it was very pleasant and did not stop us from attending church nor from taking in some of the sights.  A beautiful Country. 

We were blessed with an outstanding USA Host, Dr. Calvin McKinney. He made sure everything was decent and in order. All total, there were ten in our USA group –Rev. Dr. McKinney & Mrs. McKinney, Pastor Clarence Moore, Pastor John Reed, Dr. Hugh Dell Gatewood, Sis. Linda Robinson, Dr. Stephen Thurston & Mrs. Thurston, Richard & Eva Overturf (us).  We had the very best Guide, Mandell and fabulous drivers while in Durban.  Saturday we traveled to Johannesburg where we met up with our guide and driver there where we visited the Downtown areas, Civic Center and landmarks. We proceeded to our hotel, the Southern Sun, another five-star hotel with beautiful surrounds and great service. The following day, Sunday, we spent the day in Soweto where we visited the museum home of then Mandela & Winnie... Read More and View Photos