President Young announces the newly appointed officers for the Convention.

January 8, 2020

The newly appointed officers of the NBC, USA, Inc. will be installed on Tuesday, January 14, 2020 at the Mid-Winter Board Meeting being held in Arlington, Texas.

C. P. Preston, Jr., FL
Vice President-at-Large
Melvin Owens, AL    
Vice President – Southwest Region   
Donald E. Greene, Jr., SC
Vice President – Southeast Region    
Lester W. Taylor, Jr., NJ
Vice President – Northeast Region    
William H. Foster, Jr., IL
Vice President – Midwest Region      
Anthony L. Scott, OK
Vice President – Western Region      
Welton Pleasant, II, CA
Vice President – Far West Region      
William Thompson, BAH
Vice President - International Relations        
Fred Campbell, CA
Chairman of Board of Directors
Alvin Edwards, VA
General Secretary      
Rodney McFarland, Sr., LA
Assistant Secretary    
Leonzo D. Lynch, NC
Assistant Secretary (Recording)         
Larry G. Hawkins, Sr., MS
Assistant Secretary    
Marion J. Johnson, Jr., IN
Assistant Secretary    
Ricky D. Turner, KS
Albert G. Davis, Jr., PA
Assistant Treasurer    
Matthew K. Canada, MS
Assistant to Treasurer/Security         

Thomas Morris, Sr., MS
D. Edward Chaney, NV
Assistant Parliamentarian      
Matthew L. Canada, MS
Special Assistant to the President      
Joe B. Hardwick, CA
Special Assistant to the President      
Calvin McKinney, NJ
Executive Committee Member
Charles W. McNeill, DC
Executive Committee Member
Wm. Dwight McKissic, Sr., TX
Executive Committee Member
James Moore, Sr., PA
Executive Committee Member
Ivory T. Thigpen, SC
Executive Committee Member
William J. Wyne, Jr., MI
Executive Committee Member
Bosie Kimber, CT
Board Secretary
John W. Davis, Sr., MS
Presidential Advisor
Linden Bowie, MO
Presidential Advisor
Rogers Kirk, Jr., IA
Presidential Advisor
John A. Reed, Jr., OK
Presidential Advisor
Breonous M. Mitchell , TN
Presidential Advisor

Charles V. Taylor, Jr., MS
Melvin B. Girton, Sr., IN
Elliott Cuff, OH
President, Congress of Christian Ed.  
Cynthia Perkins Smith, MI
President, Woman’s Auxiliary
I. V. Reeves, Jr., WA
President, Laymen’s Auxiliary
Cleveland McFarland, Jr., AL
President, Moderators’ Auxiliary       
Brenda L. Eason, GA
President, Ushers’/Nurses’ Auxiliary 
Alicia M. Saunders, KS
President, Music & Arts Auxiliary      
Marcus Davidson, FL
President, Youth & Young Adult Aux.
Tellis J. Chapman, MI
Director, Pastors & Ministers 
Carl Washington, Jr., NY
Dean, NBC Congress   
Leroy Hill, Jr., VA
Chairman, Evangelism Board 

Willie Maynard, Jr., LA
Chairman of Board, SSPB       
Leonard O. Griffin, SC
Executive Secretary Home Mission    
Michael D. Warren, FL
Chairman Home Mission Board         
Kelcey A. West, NV
Co-Chairman Home Mission Board   

Terrence D. Griffith, PA
Executive Secretary, FMB      
Robert Smith, Jr., MI
Chairman Foreign Mission Board      
Forrest Harris, TN
American Baptist College      
Alvin Love, IL
Director, Faith Based Initiatives/NBCF
David L. Frazier, Sr., AL
Chairman Disaster Management       
Warren D. Miller, MS
Co-Chairman Disaster Management 
Willie Gable, Jr., LA
Chairman, NBC Housing Commission
Harold Simmons, KS
Director, Prison Ministry/Criminal Justice
Bruce D. Datcher, TX
Director, Social, Civic, Political Concerns
Charles Faulks, Sr., TX
Director, Spirit of Timothy     
Darrian A. Brown, Sr., PA
Director, Convention Exhibits & Concessions
John F. Johnson, MS
Assistant Director of Concessions      
Jimmy Greer, TN
Director, Protective Services 
Calvin Cage, DC
Director, Office of Corporate Relations
William J. Wyne, Jr., MI
Ecclesiastical Endorser           
F. Bernard Mitchell, MS
Chairman, Late Night Services
Orin D. Grant, Sr., LA
Director of Registration         
 Jefforey Stafford, MS
Assistant Director, Registration         
Ervin R. Millsaps, IL
Devotional Leader      
Keelan A. Atkinson, NC
Devotional Leader      
William R. Harris, Sr., TN
Director, Transportation