President Scruggs' 2012 Annual Session Address

By Denise Mayhan, TOPIC Program Manager |  October 6, 2012

Convention Business-Related Synopsis:

  • Thanks to members of the Executive Board and RVPs for their efforts and response to our financial drive in June. 
  • Thanks to Dr. Fred Campbell and his committee for setting up the Grassroots Financial Campaign to address some immediate financial needs of the Convention.  National Baptist Convention Day is set for November 4, 2012 - all individual members of National Baptist Convention churches are asked to donate $5.00.  Read more 
  • A communication will be coming from President Scruggs regarding the specific financial needs of the Convention, however a major pressing need is renovating Griggs Residence Hall at the American Baptist College to support the influx of students who want to attend who are coming from out of state.  Griggs Hall has been closed secondary to structural and code violations for over ten years due (click here to visit ABC online). 
  • The SSPB is seeking to rebuild or relocate their operations and offices secondary to aging and asbestos issues of their current building.  We hope to be able to announce a resolution to this situation shortly (click here to visit SSPB online). 
  • The Office of Disaster Management is moving forward successfully in partnerships with The American Red Cross and FEMA to address the needs of victims of natural disasters.  Read more 
  • The National Baptist Retirement program administered by the MMBB continues to be a sound, solvent and good opportunity for securing retirement benefits for our pastors and church staff - you are encouraged to participate.  Read more 
  • I hope to be able to announce the new Executive Secretary of the Foreign Mission Board in the coming days.

The Sermon

Convention Theme:  Solidarity with the Savior in Worship

Sermon Theme:  "Worship That God Hates."

Scriptural Text:  Amos 5:21, 23, 24

2012 President's Annual Session Address

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