Pre-Register Now for the Dallas Congress Annual Session!

January 24, 2014

Pre-registration for the 2014 Congress Annual Session Is Now Open!

You may preregister by mail or online, but please register early!  Your early registration not only assures that you get the classes you want, but it also assists the Congress with the management of expenses incurred in preparation for the Congress meeting.  If you wait until after the pre-registration dates have passed, your only option will be to register onsite at the Dallas Convention Center Registration Hall.  Download and fill out the registration form in advance to expedite your registration process.

Mail:  April 30, 2014
Online Registration Opens February 10, 2014 and ends at Midnight on June 7, 2014

Registration for your Main Class:  Important for 2014!!!
Each delegate MUST indicate a first and second choice for their main class AND the second choice may NOT be the same as the first choice.  Making your first and second choice the same will put you in jeopardy of not getting into a class.